VALORANT Champions Tour 2022: Brazil Stage 1 Challengers Week 4 schedule

The first three weeks of VALORANT Champions Tour 2022: Brazil is done and dusted. Some teams have already qualified to the playoffs but more is about to come in the last two weeks.

We will talk about the schedule of VALORANT Champions Tour 2022: Brazil Week 4 and how the matches will be conducted.


Here are the standings for both groups in VCT 2022: Brazil:

Group A:

Standings Teams Scores
1. LOUD 3-0
2. Liberty 1-1
3. TBK Esports 1-1
4. Gamelanders Blue 1-2
5. Team Vikings 0-2


Group B:

Standings Teams Scores
1. FURIA Esports 2-0
2. Ninjas in Pyjamas 2-1
3. Keyd Stars 1-1
4. INGAMING Esports 1-1
5. Sharks Esports 0-3


Group A is completely dominated by LOUD, the first team to qualify to the playoffs. They did not lose any matches and thanks to three wins, we will see their name more in VCT 2022: Brazil.

The other four teams are going to do their best in upcoming weeks. Liberty and TBK Esports are closer to go for the next round when we check the standings but we will see what will happen in a few days.

FURIA Esports is on fire with a 2-0 score in Group B. They may be in the next stages too with a win against Sharks Esports on March 5. Other than that, Ninjas in Pyjamas is the second team with 2 wins. Only one match left for them  to decide their destiny for VCT 2022: Brazil.

Week 4 Schedule

We will see these four matches on Week 4 in VCT 2022: Brazil:

March 5:

Keyd Stars vs INGAMING Esports: 21:00 CET

FURIA Esports vs Sharks Esports: 23:30 CET

March 6:

Team Vikings vs TBK Esports: 21:00 CET

Liberty vs Gamelanders Blue: 23:30 CET

When we check the standings, Keyd Stars and INGAMING Esports have an equal number of wins and losses. Keyd Stars’ roster is a bit more stronger compared to INGAMING Esports. It won’t be a surprise to see Keyd Stars win on March 5.

FURIA Esports is not only one of the strongest teams in the Brazil region but also the favorite for VCT 2022: Brazil. Their 2-0 performance should answer why. They will be playing against Sharks Esports and a win means a playoff spot for FURIA. They are going as favorites today to proceed further.

Credit: Team Vikings

For most of the power rankings websites, Team Vikings is mostly on the top as also being a part of Top 20 strongest teams in the world. However, their performance in VCT 2022: Brazil is not going well since they did not have any win in the tournament and are currently placed last in the group. There is no doubt that Team Vikings won’t miss the opportunity to show its real power against TBK Esports.

Last match of the week is going to be held between Liberty and Gamelanders Blue. Similar to Team Vikings, Gamelanders Blue also failed to catch a win two times at VCT 2022: Brazil. They would like to get a win by beating Liberty but it does not seem that easy to get since Liberty is performing well nowadays. Both teams are close to win but Liberty may be closer for this match.

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