Valentine's Day special: Esports' hottest bromances

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This Valentine's Day, there is a lot to be happy about, with premier events taking place all over the world and records being broken for viewing figures in multiple games. However, this is not just a world about money and trophies, but enduring friendships, and, sometimes, maybe even love, so here are five of the greatest esports love stories to date. If you think we’ve missed the true Romeo and Romeo (let’s be honest, we still need to do better with helping Juliets get into the scene), let us know, and enjoy our tale of star-crossed lovers, with one sour note.

GeT_RiGhT and Forest

When it comes to world domination, these two have seen it all. Two of the finest players ever to touch a mouse in any FPS, at one time they were literally unbeatable, with the former setting statistical marks that have still not been surpassed while defining what it meant to lurk in CSGO. Times became tougher, as they are want to do, but the love affair has never shown signs of wavering, and continues strong into 2019.

Faker and Bang

We all know those couples that don’t entirely make sense, due to the relative degrees of ‘attractiveness’ each person possesses, but that is only to those looking from the outside. Within the relationship you will find an understanding of what makes it work, and for years the undisputed greatest League player ever was accompanied by his mate Bang, considered by many to be the second star to Faker himself. Sadly, a disastrous season saw the love die in 2018, but it was strong while it lasted.

SFAT and PewPewU

You might not be familiar with CLG’s Smash Bros team, but PEWFAT, as they are collectively known, are pretty much the best two-man team in the history of competitive Melee. Individually they are both very good players, if not major winners, but together they are more than the sum of their parts and have created history. All the best couples compliment each other and bring out hidden depths, and watching PEWFAT play is to understand what true love means, when applied to pair of young Californians playing as a fox and a Japanese prince…


Scump and Crimsix

It’s debatable as to whether CoD players experience emotions like normal humans, especially the man they call Crimbot, but this is the sort of partnership of convenience that has grown into much more. While they may have joined the OpTic line up at opposite ends of 2014, these two are the longest-standing parts of the greatest team in CoD history, and have endured while the likes of FormaL, Clayster, Proofy and many others could not. Today they are back at the top, and the sheer length of their tenure together is impressive in such a volatile scene.

TACO and Coldzera


Now, it seems odd to include two players that just spent a year apart, but sometimes you just know things are meant to be even if fate is getting in the way. When TACO left SK Gaming at the start of 2018, there was much speculation as to how he would fare without his buddy Cold and the rest of the BR gang, but he thrived in Team Liquid while SK moved to MiBR and floundered. Rumours flew that coldzera was unhappy and maybe looking to leave his supposedly forever-home in the new team, so Noah Whinston did what any good medieval dad would do, and bought his favourite son a consort, muse and lover. TACO returned, the smiles came back, and fans are excited to see what 2019 holds.

What becomes of the broken-hearted?

N0tail and Fly…

Sometimes, love doesn’t work out, and what was once affection can develop into contempt. In any break up there will be a person that comes off ‘better’, and initially it looked as though the ‘cheater’ Fly was that man, with his big money move to a stacked EG team. Meanwhile, NoTail called an old friend (Ceb), found a new hookup (Topson) and performed the Dota version of lawyer, gym, delete Facebook. Then he came back and win the biggest prize in esports, rubbing Fly’s disloyalty in his face in front of millions of viewers, proving that cheaters never prosper.

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