Uzi is back! - Bilibili Gaming 2022 League of Legends roster

Teams from all around the world are announcing their rosters for the 2022 League of Legends season one by one and this time, we will focus on a Chinese team: Bilibili Gaming. Owned by Chinese video sharing website, the team couldn’t get more than fourth place in their LPL history of three years. This time, Bilibili is finally aiming for a championship.

Changing their main roster drastically and bringing in a brand new coaching staff, Bilibili is ready for the big clash at LPL. However, they are not the only championship contender, and that is not what makes them special. Chinese LoL icon, the legendary bot laner Uzi has joined Bilibili, marking his comeback to the professional circuit. Although he is not the starter, his name is enough to turn this into a huge news. Check out the details below.

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Bilibili Gaming

Bilibili has been a part of China’s major League of Legends competition since LPL 2018 Spring Season when they bought I May’s LPL slot and roster. It was the first “franchise” year of LPL, where promotion and demotion was abolished. During their first season, Bilibili made it to the playoffs, but they couldn’t impress anyone with their performance.

Until LPL 2019 Summer, Bilibili kept on being a mid-table team with the only attractive part of their team being their mid laner, Kuro. Defying expectations, they took fourth place at LPL 2019 Summer, missing Worlds 2019. 2020-21 wasn’t better for them either, even with players like FoFo, Jinjiao, Aiming and ppgod. BLG made it to the playoffs once in two years, where they were instantly eliminated by Team WE.

In the tenth year of LPL, there are 17 teams just like last year, and we don’t have the full rosters of all of them. Some interesting rumors are always there, and some teams have announced parts of their rosters. Still, from what we know today, Bilibili is aiming to change their fate, and finally take a shot at the championship.

Uzi’s comeback

After he left the professional scene because of his wrist injuries and diabetes, many of his fans were left disappointed and waiting for the day he came back. He did. Together with Faker, he is the face of League of Legends for many, and Uzi being back means so much for all of the fans worldwide.

However, this does not guarantee that Uzi will continue to play at the top level and become the main AD carry of Bilibili. The team brought in Doggo who showed numerous great performances during international tournaments, and as a player who missed 2020 and 2021, Uzi will need to perform better than Doggo first. Well, this is only my opinion. In a perfect world, BLG could find what the strengths of both bot laners are, and they would use them according to what they need for that particular game.

According to recent videos from Chinese SoloQ, Uzi still got it:

Bilibili Gaming’s new squad

As mentioned earlier, after years of staying as a mid-table team, Bilibili has formed a superteam and not only will they draw attention from fans, but also expectations. Experienced LPL players have joined to create the Bilibili squad. Let’s meet them too.

20 year old top laner Breathe joined the team, he has been playing in LPL for the last three years and he has become a regular face now. The team also brought in another youngster, jungler Weiwei. With three years of LPL experience, he is ready to make the next step.

This team needed a strong mid lane, and 22 year old Taiwanese mid laner FoFo rejoined Bilibili after spending one year at Rare Atom. If you are an old League of Legends fan like me who also followed Taiwanese, Vietnamese or even minor teams for years, you might remember FoFo from J Team of LMS. After their Worlds 2019 performance, FoFo made it to LPL with Bilibili and he is back now.

No matter who plays -Taiwanese prodigy Doggo or Chinese legend Uzi- the support department is safe at Bilibili as FPX’s expert support Crisp joined the team. The 23 year old Chinese support was playing for FPX for four years, before FPX decided to dissolve their roster fully and make a fresh start. He is going to have a strong bot laner beside him, and it will be nice to see what Crisp is capable of on a team other than FunPlus Phoenix.

Image via Riot Games

In my opinion, Bilibili has done a great job at engineering their 2022 roster. They brought youth and experience together, and gave it to a staff who knows what they are doing. You can find the full roster and coaching staff of Bilibili Gaming below:



Birth date


Top Laner






Mid Laner



Bot Laner



Bot Laner






Head Coach








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