Ursa Warrior: Enraging thy enemies

Ursa Warrior, also known as Ulfsaar, is the fiercest member of his ursine tribe and makes it his purpose to seek out the evil fomenting beyond his homeland. Such a wonderful lore to read, innit? The lore literally translates into reality as Ursa Warrior is one of the best heroes to play in the current meta. He dictates enemies with ease and scales up really quick – staying true to his aggressive nature.

Not a hero to be played defensively, Ursa Warrior can be lethal and wreak havoc in the enemy ranks with his ability to inflict immense physical damage, with or without items, throughout the early to mid and late game. He is capable of bringing down the tankiest enemies in a few swipes as well as the squishiest in even fewer swipes.

What makes him such a versatile and promising pick though? Let’s find out.

Damage dealer

The best thing about Ursa Warrior is that the hero can deal damage right from the early game. Fury Swipes combined with Overpower is as lethal a combo as they come.

With enemies receiving more damage with every right click (fury swipe) Ursa deals, it is way easier to dominate any kind of hero – squishy or otherwise – during the early game. With little help, Ursa can quickly eradicate the enemy from the map due to his insane attack speed granted by Overpower along with Fury Swipes that grants him increased damage.

The perfect combination of active + passive skill set.

Frontline tank

Ursa Warrior is a frontline tank during the majority of the game due to his aggressive nature. Naturally, he is the aggressor and has the advantage on his end while initiating.

Ursa’s job is to get aggressive, initiate, wipe out the enemy and set the tone in his team’s favour. A simple job description, innit? His aggression also provides proper team fight setups for his allies which can be instrumental during the longer phase of the game, allowing the supports some much needed levels and assist gold.

Overall, having an Ursa in your team will more often than not prove to be extremely fruitful with certain exceptions – let’s face it … there’s always exceptions.

Slows down enemy

Ursa has the uncanny ability, Aftershock, which slows down the enemy in a small radius. While providing damage, the ability slows down the enemy and indirectly compliments his other skills, thus adding to the ever growing popularity of the hero.

Slowing down the enemy and at the same time dealing massive amounts of damage is not only lethal but also effective and brutal. There’s just no escaping this hero when in his grasp (almost).

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Ability to fight through Enrage

Ursa’s unique ultimate is the cherry on top for most Ursa lovers. Ursa goes into a frenzy, providing damage reduction and status resistance. It also removes any existing debuffs.

Basically, the ultimate can be used in an aggressive way or in a defensive way, to either initiate or escape, in a team fight or while hunting a target. Additionally, it also stacks multiplicatively with other sources of status resistance, which means, he can be almost unkillable with right itemization.

Conclusion: Play the bear. Roar like a bear. Win like a bear.