Upper Bracket Final time at Six Invitational 2022

As the Six Invitational 2022 continues at full speed, two teams have risen to the Upper Bracket Final. The winner of the TSM vs Team Empire match will advance to the final of the Six Invitational 2022.

In this article, we will talk about both the Upper Bracket Final and the Lower Quarterfinals. Let's begin.

TSM and Team Empire will compete for the grand final spot

Both TSM and Team Empire have come a long way and advanced to the Upper Bracket Final. Let's take a look at the their journey leading to the Upper Bracket Final.

Finishing third in Group C, TSM started the playoffs from Upper Round 1. They faced Ninjas in Pyjamas and defeated them 2-0. Although they struggled against FURIA Esports in the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals, they won 2-1 and advanced to the Upper Bracket Semifinals. They became the first team to advance to the Upper Bracket Final with two 8-6 wins against Team Liquid in the Upper Bracket Semifinals.

Team Empire finished Group A in first place. Thus, they qualified to start from the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals defeating their rivals Spacestation Gaming 2-0. Although they fell back against Soniqs in the Upper Bracket Semifinals, they won 2-1 with the wins on Clubhouse and Villa. Thus, they became TSM's opponent in the Upper Bracket Final.

TSM - Team Empire (February 19 - 14:00 CET)

Credit: Rainbow Six Esports

Lower Bracket Quarterfinals matches are on February 18

The Lower Bracket Quarterfinals will be played on February 18. Let's take a look at those matches.

Team Liquid - MIBR (February 18 - 14:00 CET)
Soniqs - FaZe clan (February 18 - 19:00 CET)

Let's talk about Team Liquid vs MIBR first. On one side is Team Liquid, who comfortably placed first in Group B, and on the other, MIBR, fourth in Group D. Having a pretty good tournament, Team Liquid found themselves in the Lower Quarterfinals after being blocked by TSM. Although MIBR did not have a decent group stage, they came to this point by winning important matches in their Lower Bracket journey. Even though the favourites of the match are Team Liquid, MIBR's performance in the playoffs should not be underestimated.

The other match is Soniqs vs FaZe Clan. Both teams finished third in their groups. FaZe Clan lost to Team Liquid in the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals. Soniqs, on the other hand, were promoted to the Upper Bracket Semifinals, but lost to Team Empire. Although FaZe Clan seems to be the favourite side in the match between the two teams, Soniqs will not easily accept bidding goodbye to the Six Invitational 2022.

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