UK based esports organisation Method announces Fortnite squad

UK esports org Method has announced a Fortnite squad, including star player Kevin ‘Noizeeh’ Jaskiewicz.

The group has made a number of signings in recent months, and looks to be dipping a toe into the rapidly-growing world of Fortnite with the acquisition of this exciting team.

Noizeeh is a breakout star in Fortnite. Formerly a professional H1Z1 player, Noizeeh has some high finishes in that game, including being a Dreamhack Winter 2017 Solo & Teams finalist, as well as playing high level Overwatch, and has been playing Fortnite BR since release. He regularly streams at, where he first built a sizeable H1Z1 following, and sports close to a 9.0K/D ratio in Fortnite.

"I'm happy and thankful for the opportunity provided by Method,” Noizeeh said of the move. “I can't wait to represent such a big name at various competitions, it's going to be an exciting year!". He’ll be joined by former SK Gaming Vainglory pro Jonathan 'Jetpacks' Bergius, a top five finisher at DreamHack Winter 2017, who said of the move, "Method is a super cool organisation and brand with awesome members and staff whom me and my team can work well together with."

Jetpacks went on, "We're really hungry to grow as a team, and through our relationship with Method we'll be able to do that exactly." The final two members of the team will be former Hearthstone competitor Martin 'MartinCreek' Bäcklund and Rasmus ‘Rasmusenn’ Wiklundh, the dark horse of the group, with their first competitive outing yet to be announced.

Fortnite, originally viewed as a free alternative to PUBG, has seen rapid and impressive growth in recent months, both on stream and with the esports market in mind. Method themselves have moved into the competitive scene in the last year or so, and the connection between a game with such a strong stream presence and an org with the same makes perfect sense in 2018.

Method was created over 12 years ago as a World of Warcraft guild, and has grown into professional gaming and esports organisation. Known as one of the biggest content producers in competitive gaming with a specialization in live streams and videos on demand, more recent years have seen the org expand into a variety of games including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PLAYERUNKNOWN´S BATTLEGROUNDS, Rocket League, Heroes of the Storm, and several fighting games.

Follow Method on Twitter for announcements of forthcoming events, new videos and more. Their YouTube is a treasure trove of all things WoW, and should be filling with Fortnite too in coming weeks.