Twitch app removed from Samsung smart TVs - esports fans 'devastated'

The Twitch app has been removed from Samsung Smart TVs, the manufacturer has confirmed.

Users find the Twitch app is not working on Samsung TVs and find the error message: "This TwitchTV has been terminated and is no longer available."


Samsung confirmed the TwitchTV app had been "retired".

Attempting to use the app resulted in the message "Unable to connect to Samsung server" and a search for "Twitch" on the Samsung app store returned no relevant results.

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The Twitch app provided a slick viewing experience on Samsung smart TV owners and was a popular choice with esports fans wanting to watch their favourite live streams on TV.

It led to speculation the app was not the official, despite the app being listed on the official Samsung site.

Samsung support later confirmed the app had been "retired" and was referring users to Twitch support, which, at the time of publishing, had yet to respond to users' questions.

Reddit users were also disappointed the Twitch app had been removed from Samsung TVs.

u/postdreamy said: "Kind of devastated about this, have been using my TV to mostly watch twitch streams and the app has been working great for me. I have been previously also using a Plex plugin for Twitch, however, after the recent Plex updates the streams are working only for a couple of seconds before stopping. I really hope an alternative would show up soon and still find it strange that Twitch do not have an official Tizen app for so many years now.

u/hunkachunken said: "95% of the time I used my Samsung TV, I used the old Twitch app.. Actually I was not aware that this was an unofficial app.. But nevertheless.. this sucks.. I hope Twitch themselves have a plan for official support.

u/SomeRandomGuyPDX said: "This is a huge loss, I need twitch on my TV, ugh."

u/BL0ODSUGAR said: "I'm also guessing it wasn't an official twitch app. If you ever hit the support button a Russian email address was the support email.

"So maybe Twitch had it removed and are planning its own app?

"It would be good since chat stopped working months ago on the old one. And you couldn't log in to skip ads on subbed channels and so on."


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