Tundra Esports wins DPC WEU Tour 3 Division I

Dota Pro Circuit Tour 3 has concluded in all regions, including Western Europe. Tundra Esports won the Dota Pro Circuit Western Europe Tour 3 Division I, followed closely by Team Liquid and OG.

Let’s take a look at the final week of the DPC WEU, the tiebreaker matches and the prize pool.

What happened in the last week of DPC WEU Tour 3 Division I?

  • Team Secret 2 - 0 goonsquad
  • Tundra Esports 2 - 0 Gaimin Gladiators
  • Team Liquid 2 - 0 OG

Team Secret defeated goonsquad 2-0. This result required the goonsquad to play a tiebreaker with Gaimin Gladiators to stay in Division I.

Tundra Esports defeated Gaimin Gladiators 2-0 to become DPC WEU Tour 3 Division I champions. Gaimin Gladiators performed well below expectations and played a tiebreaker with goonsquad to stay in Division I.

Team Liquid defeated OG 2-0 and played a tiebreaker for second place with OG again.

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DPC WEU Tour 3 Division I tiebreaker matches

  • Gaimin Gladiators 2 - 1 goonsquad (6th-7th place tiebreaker)

Although Goonsquad won the first game against Gaimin Gladiators, Gaimin Gladiators, who had already performed below expectations so far, did not give up. They won two matches in a row. With this comeback, they made their rivals gonesquad.

  • Entity 2 - 1 Team Secret (4th-5th place tiebreaker)

Another tiebreaker match with a comeback was between Entity and Team Secret. Team Secret started Bo3 with a 0-1 lead. Entity, on the other hand, qualified for the fourth place in the DPC WEU Tour 3 Division I with two consecutive wins.

  • OG 0 - 2 Team Liquid (2nd-3rd place tiebreaker)

Just as they had won in week six, Team Liquid again took the lead and finished second in the DPC WEU Tour 3 Division I.

Prize pool

The prize pool for the DPC WEU Tour 3 Division I was $205,000. The four most successful teams qualified for the Arlington Major

Place Team USD Seed DPC Points
1st Tundra Esports $30,000 Arlington Major/Division I 500
2nd Team Liquid $28,000 Arlington Major/Division I 300
3rd OG $27,000 Arlington Major/Division I 200
4th Entity $26,000 Arlington Major/Division I 100
5th Team Secret $25,000 Division I 50
6th Gaimin Gladiators $24,000 Division I -
7th goonsquad $23,000 Division II -
8th Alliance $22,000 Division II -


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