Tundra Esports is The International 11's biggest favourite

Only four teams remain in The International 11. After reading the title, you may have said, "No, the favourite is Team Secret", but my favourite is Tundra Esports.

Today we are going to focus on Tundra Esports' position in The International 11 and their chance to reach the Aegis.

Tundra Esports was the only undefeated team of the group stage

Prior to The International 11, Tundra Esports was not considered one of the favourite teams of the tournament. In the group stage, they performed well above expectations. They had five wins and four draws in the group where the reigning The International champion had one win, seven draws and one loss. They finished first in the group without losing to any team.

This made them the only undefeated team of the group stage. In Group A, Evil Geniuses had seven wins and lost twice.

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Playoff stage was also flawless for Tundra Esports

Tundra Esports' first opponent in the playoffs was OG. OG was one of the biggest favourites of the tournament but failed to meet expectations in Group A and finished fourth. Honestly I thought they would improve in the playoffs but they couldn't resist the amazing performance of Tundra Esports. Tundra Esports won the match 2-0.

Their next opponent was Team Aster. This time, they were superior to their opponents, whom they drew in the group stage. After two competitive games, they advanced to the upper bracket final by eliminating Team Aster 2-0. After such a great process, they drew all the attention in the upper bracket final.

An amazing upper bracket final awaits us

After all these matches, Tundra Esports matched with Team Secret in the upper bracket final. Frankly, I think it's almost certain that one of these two teams will be the champion. It is quite difficult to predict about The International 11 though. Teams manage to surprise every time.

I think Tundra Esports will definitely do their best after this amazing performance, no matter how strong their opponents are. In my opinion, they will win the upper bracket final 2-1. Also, even if they lose, I think they will win against Team Aster or Team Liquid in the lower bracket final and they will be matched with Team Secret again in the grand final.

In such a case, we will watch an amazing Bo5 series in the grand final. A grand final like that would be won by Tundra Esports 3-2 if you ask me.

What a tournament it was! It continues to surprise us with each passing round. If you are also wondering how The International 11 will end, stay on Luckbox and let's find out the answer together.