TSM's CS:GO plans continue as it hunts for a General Manager

It seems that TSM's long-awaited return to the CS:GO scene is still ongoing, with the organisation recently revealing that it is looking to hire a General Manager.

TSM begins hiring for CS:GO return

TSM left the CS:GO scene back in 2017, with its short-lived CS:GO team lasting from just 2015 to 2017. Despite this short life, the team was host to some of the biggest names in CS:GO, having once been home to the likes of Finn "karrigan" Andersen and Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz.

Their return to CS:GO was first announced in October 2022, in a video in which TSM revealed that they would be launching a new CS:GO team in 2023. However, details have been thin on the ground ever since then.

Their plans were put into doubt following the collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange platform FTX, with whom TSM had a lucrative 10-year sponsorship deal that saw the organisation adopting a new name of 'TSM FTX.'

At the time, TSM assured people that they were a "strong, profitable and stable organization" and that the "current situation with FTX does not affect any part of TSM's operating plan." Still, many suspected that this setback had impacted their CS:GO plans.

But it seems that their ambitions are still ongoing, with a recent LinkedIn post revealing that TSM is on the hunt for a General Manager who “will be responsible for running and ensuring the success of TSM’s CS:GO division.”

According to the job description, the General Manager will be responsible for (among other things) evaluating upcoming talent and managing the organisation's CS:GO budget.

It's a promising sign for CS:GO fans, coming just weeks after TSM's VP of Esports Dominic Kallas revealed that the organisation would not have a CS:GO team ready in time for the upcoming BLAST.tv Paris Major, taking place from May 8 to May 2

“Due to the BLAST open qualifiers being super early, there was no way to qualify for the BLAST Major,” said Kallas. “There will be roster shuffles between IEM Katowice and IEM Cologne, where there will be opportunities for TSM to make their move."

We may have to wait a bit longer to see TSM in action - but there's plenty of excitement on the CS:GO scene right now anyway. We're just days away from the IEM Katowice 2023 grand final, as the tournament races through its Playoff Stage. You can follow along with this year's tournament right here on Luckbox - just check out the upcoming schedule right here. And remember, you could stand a chance of doubling your winnings with a Kato Bet Boost!