TSM's CS:GO plans are still ongoing, says CEO

TSM founder and CEO Andy “Reginald” Dinh has stated that the company's plans to launch a CS:GO team are still ongoing, despite reports that TSM is looking to wind down its esports efforts.

TSM remains committed to esports, says CEO

Reginald's comments come in response to a recent report from Sports Business Journal, whose sources claim that TSM will be pausing its esports efforts in several titles, with its League of Legends team potentially at risk of being dropped.

In respsonse, Reginald issued a statement on Twitter saying that the company remains "committed to esports."

"We’re planning to enter CS:GO sometime later this year which is a larger investment than all of the games we’ve left combined," said Reginald.

"TSM is always evaluating what esports ecosystems are best to invest in and will continue to enter & exit games"

TSM's return to the CS:GO scene has been long-awaited, having been first announced back in 2022, and later revealing plans to launch a CS:GO team at the end of 2023.

Of course, given the upcoming launch of Counter-Strike 2, which will replace CS:GO on the professional esports scene, it seems a little late to be launching a CS:GO team. While a Counter-Strike 2 team would seem more likely, TSM's communications so far have specifically referred to CS:GO.

The reported change in plans follows TSM taking a large financial hit following the collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange platform FTX - marking the end of a £17.6 million a year partnership that saw TSM rebranded as "TSM FTX."

TSM projected confidence at the time, stating that "TSM is a strong, profitable and stable organization. We forecast profitability this year, next year and beyond."

However, the organisation has recently lost several high-profile employees, including the likes of  TSM' League of Legends General Manager Yang ‘Glen’ Po-Jen and team manager Chien-Yu ‘Kristine’ Huang. Additionally, those departures came shortly after both TSM's VP of Esports Operations Dominic Kallas and COO Walter Wang left the organisation.

Reginald addressed the employee exodus in a Reddit post, explaining that TSM "over hired and expanded too quickly," adding that "with the economic downturn, we made the necessary changes to be sustainable. This was not easy."

It remains to be seen when (or if) TSM will finally make their long-awaited return to CS:GO - or indeed, if we'll be seeing them in Counter-Strike 2 instead. But with or without TSM, the CS:GO esports scene is still ongoing before the final CS:GO Major kicks off in Paris on May 8. You can follow along with everything in the CS:GO esports scene via our upcoming CS:GO match schedule. Sign up now and claim your free 100% bonus to get the most out of your CS:GO betting experience!