TSM wins Six Invitational 2022's North American Closed Qualifier

Rainbow Six Siege's most prestigious tournament, the Six Invitational 2022, kicks off on February 8. With the end of the North American Qualifier, only the Latin American Qualifier remains.

Let's see what happened at Six Invitational 2022 - North America: Closed Qualifier, where TSM won first place.

Mirage fell short of expectation

Mirage, who seemed to be one of the favourites of the tournament after TSM, initially lost 1-2 against 1shotLFO in the first round despite taking a 1-0 lead. Later they exited the tournament early after losing to Parabellum Esports in the lower bracket semifinals. The team that dreamed of Six Invitational 2022 before the qualifier was disappointed.

TSM did not have much trouble on their way to the finals

Credit: TSM

First, TSM beat Parabellum Esports 2-0 to match 1shotLFO in the upper bracket final. While they were expected to win very comfortably, they lost the first map against 1shotLFO and yet  still made it to the finals, winning two maps in a row.

Parabellum outperforming the expectation

Despite losing 2-0 to TSM in the first match, Parabellum Esports managed to eliminate one of the tournament's favourites, Mirage, in the lower bracket semifinals. Then they eliminated 1shotLFO and advanced to the final.

1shotLFO was almost the surprise of the tournament

1shotLFO, seen as the weakest link of the tournament, started the first match with a 0-1 defeat against Mirage, but won two maps in a row and advanced to the next round. Even though they started with a great performance and took a 1-0 lead against TSM, they fell into the lower bracket finals as a result of losing two consecutive maps. Although they performed well against Parabellum Esports, they only won 1 round on the final map Chalet and were defeated 1-7. Thus, they said goodbye to the tournament by closing Bo3 behind 1-2.

TSM did not struggle hard against Parabellum in the grand final

TSM faced Parabellum Esports again in the final, after defeating them in the upper bracket semifinals. They won the Bank, Villa and Oregon maps consecutively without much difficulty and qualified for the Six Invitational 2022 with a score of 3-0.

The last remaining qualifier on the way to Six Invitational 2022 is Six Invitational 2022 - Latin America: Closed Qualifier. Are you ready for the most prestigious Rainbow Six Siege tournament?

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