TSM general manager denies reports of LoL roster pay cut ultimatum

TSM's general manager has spoken out to deny reports that the organisation's League of Legends roster were offered minimum salaries, amid rumours that TSM may be looking to sell their League of Legends division.

Jeff “SuiJeneris” Chau denies that Leauge of Legends players were given a salary cut ultimatum

The rumours first emerged from esports journalist Travis Gafford, whose sources reported that TSM's LCS team had been given 24 hours to accept a "minimum salary" - believed to be around $75,000.

According to Gafford's report, the players on TSM's League of Legends roster pushed back on this, but Gafford summarised by saying that the organisation seemed to be focusing on its players either finding new teams or accepting reduced pay.

However, TSM's general manager Jeff “SuiJeneris” Chau has spoken up to deny these claims. In a post on the TSM subreddit, SuiJeneris stated bluntly that none of their LCS players were offered or are paid a minimum LCS salary.

It does seem that the players may have been approached with a pay cut of some sort, however - as SuiJeneris goes on to state that their players were "given many days, not 24 hours to decide + explore the market (allowed to talk to other teams), informed player we would not go to market (to replace them) until we heard back from them."

"I don't treat or pressure players like that," SuiJeneris said, adding that he "couldn't stay silent any longer." Additionally, while SuiJeneris refused to share further details, he did state that he "will address false rumors head on going forward."

Minimum pay or not, the future of TSM's League of Legends team is looking uncertain. The organisation has been hit with mass layoffs as it prepares to pull out of several titles - although its CEO maintains that its long-awaited CS:GO return is still in the works.

Still, it's a troubling sign for the state of the LCS, coming alongside reports that Counter Logic Gaming is set to sell off its LCS roster and team slot.

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