True Sight VOD now available on Twitch

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True Sight, the Dota 2 documentary from TI8, was premiered in Denmark on Tuesday night and the initial reaction from fans was overwhelmingly positive.

Valve held a Q&A session with The International 2018 champions OG after the screening in Denmark while tens of thousands tuned in to watch live via Twitch and Steam TV.

The True Sight VOD was made available on Twitch immediately after the live broadcast.

True Sight Twitch VOD

Luckbox held a True Sight viewing party in our Discord server, along with TI8 host Paul Chaloner - AKA Redeye - who is also a Luckbox ambassador.

Redeye praised Valve for making an incredible film, depicting OG's against-the-odds victory over PSG.LGD in Vancouver.

Listen again to the Q&A with Redeye on Soundcloud, Spotify and iTunes.


James McMathMedia manager at Luckbox.

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