Top five ADC players coming to Worlds 2022

Worlds 2022 is starting this week, and before the competition begins, we will take a look at the best bot laners participating. Especially after 2019, the East widened the gap between them and the West, and many Western legends either retired or couldn’t make their way to Worlds. Thus, the list consists entirely of Asian players.

Besides Hope who joined JD Gaming at the start of the year, all these players have been to Worlds before and won an international tournament. At Worlds 2022, we will witness the clash of experienced bot laners instead of young mechanical gods. Although, you may still call many of these experienced players “young”.


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MSI 2022 champion GALA enters the list in fifth place. Being one of the most exceptional ADC players in the world, GALA will surely perform as well as he did since he joined Royal Never Give Up. With RNG, GALA won MSI 2021 and 2022, and made it to the quarter-finals at Worlds 2021 where they were eliminated by the eventual champions EDward Gaming.

GALA’s aggressive playstyle and superb ability on hyper carries put him into a race against the best like Viper and Ruler. His performance dropped in the summer split with many of his teammates, but he still deserves to be a part of this list.

When I say hyper carries, I mean it: GALA’s most played champions are Aphelios (11), Sivir (11) and Zeri (9) in LPL 2022 Summer. In 2022, he also played Jinx a lot with an 87.5% win rate in the summer season, and obviously Lucian, which is generally played with Nami. GALA has a 621.4 damage per minute, deals 28.3% of RNG’s damage and has a 7.6 KDA on Aphelios, he is one of the best Aphelios players in the world.


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The wonderkid who won a World Championship in his rookie year, JackeyLove has been silent for a long time now. After winning Worlds 2018, he finished 3rd-4th in MSI 2019, Worlds 2019 and 2020, and missed all international tournaments in 2021. After a second-place finish with Top Esports, JL is back at Worlds and is very strong.

You remember his mind-blowing Flash that ended the game against kt Rolster in Worlds 2018, and JL kept being that player, but his overall quality dropped behind his peers. Until 2022, he couldn’t compete with Viper and Ruler, failing to make it to the S+ tier. He might change that in Worlds 2022.

As with all ADC players this season, JL played Zeri 14 teams with a KDA of 6.8, his most played champion. Ezreal and Lucian follows Zeri, as JL wasn’t much of a hyper carry, he always looks for flashy plays. I doubt you can find another Ezreal in the world with 85.7% win rate.

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The newest addition to this list, Hope joined JD Gaming at the start of 2022 and brought the LPL championship to the team, creating great synergy with his teammate Missing in the bot lane. Hope’s ability to play hyper carries like Aphelios and champions like Ezreal and Kalista helped JDG considerably. Although they had the strongest jungle-mid duo, they could also rely on their bot lane during the year.

Hope’s first LPL championship and Worlds participation is a hot topic of debate. He has the ability to shape his story: does he want to be a legend in his first tournament like JackeyLove, or will he get crushed under pressure like Gumayusi?

His most played champion in the summer season was Aphelios, 14 teams with a 71.4% win rate. However, we might not see Aphelios in Worlds 2022, or we might see it a lot. We are waiting for play-ins to understand the new meta. Still, he plays everything well, Ezreal, Lucian, Sivir, Jinx or Kalista. If you didn’t watch Hope during 2022, know that you won’t see JDG losing because of their bot lane, and you will see the bot lane carry them a lot.


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He is a fan favourite and definitely has a separate place in this list with Ruler; the Worlds 2021 champion Viper is coming to Worlds 2022 with good form. He established that he was the best player in the world last year, and although Ruler is threatening his place, Viper showed in the LPL how deadly he could be when pushed to a corner.

Starting his career in Griffin, Viper was already counted amongst the best players in the world. However, his career popped off in EDward Gaming, when they had a special synergy with Meiko and Scout helped relieve some of the responsibilities. While EDG finished LPL in third place, they are still one of the favourites because of Viper’s strength.

As always, the Korean plays everything: Zeri, Aphelios, Sivir, Lucian, Klista, Draven, give him anything you can think of and he will deliver. As long as EDward Gaming doesn’t collapse due to other lanes, Viper will find a way to get an advantage and carry his team to victory.


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Finally, a legend that deserves to be on top of this list and the second Korean in it, Ruler. Gen.G’s almost-invincible season put Ruler on top of many tier lists, including the ones that try to measure all players simultaneously. Together with Chovy, they turned Gen.G into something else in summer, and they definitely deserve all the hype around them.

After winning Worlds 2017, Ruler never left SSG, despite many reforms and disappointing rosters and results. In 2022, after five years, Ruler is handed a roster that can threaten the best in the world and claim the Worlds trophy, and look at what he did: 17-1 before Worlds and a 3-0 victory over T1 in the grand final of LCK.

We don’t have to talk about his champion pool or stats; Ruler is the best-performing ADC in the whole world currently. He found two pentakills in one game against T1. He is just unstoppable, especially on Zeri and Sivir. While we don’t know about the meta of Worlds 2022 currently, we know that Ruler will find a way to stay relevant and get his team to the grand final, and we trust his ability to do that.

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