Top 5 mid laners at Worlds 2022

As Worlds 2022 Play-In stage is played, let's take a look at the best mid laners coming to North America for the event. Numerous highly-skilled players made it to Worlds this year and it's been very hard to pick five of them for these lists, but these players deserved to be highlighted.

For many reasons, players like ShowMaker, Xiaohu, caPs, Larssen and Zeka couldn't make it to the list, as five players aren't enough to include every single legendary player that competes in Worlds 2022 this year. By looking at the players, you can tell it will be an unforgettable tournament.


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The Unkillable Demon King, League of Legends GOAT Faker makes it to Worlds 2022 as an underrated player in my opinion. Just because Faker decided to change his style in the recent years and takes on a more in-game leader role than a super-carry, Faker is overlooked a lot.

This new Faker is the perfect fit for T1's newest roster, consisting of players with little experience and huge potentials. Faker is the perfect role model for them and he will lead the team inside the game, and he has done his job perfectly since 2020. However, the fact that he is good at being a captain for the team also makes people think that he is a "mediocre" player now.

That is far from the truth. Although Faker clearly doesn't have as superb mechanics as Chovy or ShowMaker, he doesn't struggle against them in the lane, and what he lacks in getting resources against these incredible players, he makes up for it with his abilities mentioned above.


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The defending world champion, EDward Gaming's Scout is as good as he was back in 2021 coming to Worlds 2022. His synergy and ability to carry his team brought EDG back to Worlds after a disappointing summer season, and their miracle run might be awarded another championship.

Scout definitely struggled against knight and Yagao, who were having the peak of their careers this year. However, that doesn't mean Scout was the problem against Top Esports and JD Gaming. EDG as a whole struggled to become a team after Worlds 2021, with woeful performances from especially their top laner and jungler.

Scout's EDG will have a tough group at Worlds 2022, but I know he will surely deliver for the passionate EDward Gaming fans, even though they can't defend their championship in the end. If you want to see these players compete for the trophy, visit Luckbox to find live streams and the latest news. Sign up now to claim your 100% bonus before placing your bets.


Especially since the start of 2020, knight has been a part of "the best mid laner in the world" discussions. I think this year, against such a great player as Yagao, knight found his peak and unlike Worlds 2020, he has a better chance of carrying his team to the Worlds final.

While my favourite is Yagao out of the two, knight has a different style and he offers something entirely different for Top Esports. It wouldn't be fair to compare these players on the same scale. What I know for sure is that knight is coming for blood, and if TES doesn't make the same mistakes as 2020 and LPL 2022 Summer Finals, he has the ability to take down JDG.


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With Chovy, I think Yagao is the best mid laner in the world, finally getting the praise and success he deserved for years. After five years at JDG, Yagao managed to get the second LPL championship in his career, the first was Spring 2020 when MSI was cancelled.

With a better top laner and a mechanically stronger bot lane this year, JDG's success was no surprise for many, including me. However, especially the rivalry against TES was so close, even such a great team would need some individual excellence.

That was where Yagao and Kanavi stepped in and took JDG to the next level. LPL champion is the natural favourite at Worlds 2022, and especially against Gen.G, Yagao is the number one advantage JD Gaming has: he will not struggle against Chovy, and will challenge him.


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An easy pick for the best mid laner discussions: Chovy has been a different monster since he entered professional League of Legends and this year, he finally plays with a team that could aim for the championships, whether it was LCK or Worlds.

Godlike mechanics, strong laning phase, insane team fight skills, wide champion pool: Chovy seems like he doesn't have any weaknesses at all. Obviously, we will see Gen.G and Chovy against the best at Worlds 2022, as LCK isn't a perfectly challenging environment for such players, but considering his Hanwha Life and Griffin years, I doubt Chovy would struggle.

While Gen.G aims for Worlds 2022 trophy, Doran might struggle against the best, Peanut might show an unstable performance, Ruler might not be able to carry as well as he did during the LCK due to the meta shift and Lehends might start the int mode. However, I know for sure that Chovy won't struggle: he will play as well as he can.