Top 5 junglers coming to Worlds 2022

It is time for the final top 5 list before Worlds 2022: let's take a look at the junglers. After the play-in games, we can say that the better jungler might win Worlds 2022. One of the most influential roles in League of Legends, junglers will decide the fate of their teams.

Although there are a few junglers that have superb skills like Jankos and Inspired in the West, Asian junglers will probably dominate Worlds 2022. Most of them come with superb forms, and it was pretty hard to make a five-man list out of these players. Without further ado, here are our picks.


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Honestly, this spot belonged to Tian more than Oner. However, considering Tian's performances in international events since 2019, I decided to believe in Oner instead of Tian. Oner showed incredible potential in 2021 and Spring 2022, one bad split doesn't mean such a young player is below the S tier.

After MSI 2022 where T1 lost the finals 2-3, Oner seemed to be one of the most affected members from this disappointing experience, showing a poor form in the following split. He was criticized a lot, but I know Oner still has it in him to show up and perform at Worlds when his team needs him the most.


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EDward Gaming's star jungler Jiejie didn't have the perfect year and was even replaced by Junjia for some games. Still, at his best, Jiejie is one of the best junglers LPL has ever seen. Strong mechanical skills and a great game sense define Jiejie, although his performance is sometimes unstable.

After taking over as the starting jungler once again in the playoffs, Jiejie showed a performance that fits a world champion. He was dominant once again against the strongest junglers LPL has, on meta champions like Trundle, Vi and Wukong. Jiejie will bring that form to Worlds 2022.

EDward Gaming isn't one of the favourites to win Worlds, they are definitely behind JD Gaming, Gen.G and Top Esports. However, with Viper's form and Jiejie's come back, their chances increase.

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Royal Never Give Up's aggressive young jungler Wei is already a two time MSI champion at the age of 19. He will be 20 just after Worlds 2022 grand final, and he will try to get himself a birthday present for sure. Wei is a crucial part to RNG's success, mainly because of his synergy with Xiaohu.

Xiaohu is a mid laner that enables his teammates instead of building a lane kingdom, much like Doinb, just a little bit worse in terms of mechanics. Thus, he is the perfect fit for such an aggressive jungler as Wei, and they are a scary duo if meta allows them to dominate the Rift together.


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A veteran in esports, Peanut is back at Worlds 2022 and is at the top of League of Legends once again in his career. While his spring season performance was subject to criticism, Peanut unbelievably improved before the summer season to dominate LCK and establish himself as one of the best junglers in the world.

Although Peanut looked slow against Oner's top form in the spring season, he showed a performance that matches 2016 Peanut, the peak of his performance, while Gen.G reached an easy championship over T1. If he keeps this amazing form for Worlds 2022, GEN won't have a problem against seemingly stronger junglers like Tian or Kanavi.


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Without a doubt, Kanavi is the best jungler in the world right now. The LPL champion is coming for blood after a disappointment at Worlds 2020. Together with Yagao, they are the most lethal duo from China, and as the Chinese champions, they are the number one favourite at Worlds 2022.

As a young Korean import with potential, Kanavi started his career in China, finishing his first split tenth place with JDG. The next year, JD Gaming won the LPL 2020 Spring Playoffs, starting a new chapter in Kanavi's career. An early elimination at Worlds 2020 killed his upwards form in 2021 where JDG ended up 12th in the summer season, but they are back stronger than ever.

With a perfect synergy with his solo laners, 369 and Yagao, and getting the support from one of the strongest bot lanes in the LPL, Hope and Missing, Kanavi lives the dream of a jungler, and he deserves it. While JDG aims for the championship, Kanavi will be their most valuable asset.