Top 10 CS:GO teams of 2021

All the prestigious CS:GO tournaments in 2021 are over. Although we have watched many great teams throughout the year, one of these teams has performed much better than the others, especially in the last months.

In today's list, we will take a look at the 10 most successful teams in the CS:GO esports arena this year, with you.

10. Entropiq

Tenth on our list is Entropiq, a roster that was created towards the end of 2020. They achieved many successes in a short time. With a decent comeback, they won Pinnacle Fall Series #2 as a result of three great competitive maps. Also in Malta Vibes Knockout Series #1, they defeated ENCE 2-1 and became champions. European Development Championship Season 4 and Funspark ULTI 2021: Europe Season 2 are two other important tournaments they have won this season. In the V4 Future Sports Festival - Budapest 2021 final, they had a great fight against Gambit Esports, one of the most successful teams of the year, in the final, but lost 2-3. At PGL Major Stockholm 2021, they were not very successful. They bid farewell to the major before they could qualify for the playoffs.

9. FaZe Clan

We continue our list with a well-established CS:GO team. While FaZe Clan is far from its former glory, it has had a decent year. In whichever tournament they came close to succeeding, they faced the unstoppable NAVI. For example, in BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2021, they lost to NAVI. In the semifinals of IEM Cologne 2021, they lost again to the champion NAVI. Another BLAST Premier tournament they couldn't escape NAVI from was BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2021. Again, they lost to NAVI in the group final. They also performed similarly against Entropiq at PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

8. Astralis

Next up is the Danish team Astralis, which have made a name for themselves with their unforgettable performances in 2020. Astralis won the IEM Global Challenge 2021 and DreamHack Masters Winter 2020: Europe, also finished first in the BLAST Premier Circuit 2020. In 2021, however, things didn't go as expected. They first lost the title to NAVI at the beginning of the year at BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020. Astralis later took part in all prestigious tournaments, but were not very successful. Their greatest achievement was the IEM Cologne 2021 semi-final.


We continue with, one of the first esports organizations that come to mind when CS:GO is mentioned. Although the CIS representative had a more stable year compared to last year, they achieved many successes. They first started the year with the cs_summit 7 title. They won this title by defeating Fnatic. They also became the champions of Pinnacle Fall Series #1. In the final of the IEM Season XV - World Championship, they lost to Gambit Esports. In the EPIC CIS League Spring 2021, the team that defeated in the final was also Gambit Esports. They also made it to the semifinals at IEM Winter 2021 but were unable to win against Team Vitality there.

6. Ninjas in Pyjamas

Ninjas in Pyjamas is sixth on our list. Although we cannot say that they were one of the best teams of the year, the fact that they are mentioned in almost all the tournaments they participated in makes them a successful team. At the beginning of the year, they were very close to reaching their first championship of the year in Flashpoint Season 3, but despite taking the lead against MOUZ in the final, they lost 1-2. One of their most important achievements this year is the IEM Fall 2021 Europe title. They defeated ENCE 3-1 in the final. At IEM Winter 2021, they made it to the final, but lost the title by losing 0-3 against Team Vitality. They also managed to reach the quarterfinals at PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

5. Heroic

We're in the top five on our list. Heroic had a truly amazing year. In every tournament they participated in, they managed to cause difficulties to their opponents. They achieved their biggest success this year in ESL Pro League Season 13. They faced Gambit Esports in the final and it was like a feast for the audience. If you watched the fierce battle on the Train map, which ended 28-26, you definitely have not forgotten it. They also advanced to the semifinals at DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 and PGL Major Stockholm 2021. Lastly, they finished BLAST Premier World Leaderboard 2021 in third place.

4. G2 Esports

We are slowly approaching the summit. G2 Esports had a pretty good year. The fact that they were the runner-up at the major, which was held after a long time, proves this. They lost 0-2 against NAVI in the final of PGL Major Stockholm 2021. They also lost to Gambit Esports in the DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 semi-finals. In yet another matchup with Gambit Esports, they were defeated and placed third at IEM Summer 2021. NAVI has plagued G2 Esports in many tournaments, not just the majors. Though when it comes to NAVI, they've been a nuisance against all teams this year, not just G2 Esports. Losing to NAVI at the BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2021, G2 Esports placed third. They also lost to NAVI in the finals of IEM Cologne 2021. In the latest BLAST Premier: World Final 2021, NAVI was the reason for their exit. They finished fourth in the BLAST Premier World Leaderboard 2021. Overall they had a good year.

3. Team Vitality

We're in the top three. French team Team Vitality takes third place. Team Vitality, a relatively new team, had a pretty good year. Guess which team snatched multiple titles from Team Vitality throughout the year? Yes, the answer is pretty s1mple. This year Team Vitality has only been champion once. They defeated Ninjas in Pyjamas 3-0 in the final of IEM Winter 2021 held this month. Of course NAVI wasn't there. At the beginning of 2021, they lost to NAVI at BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020, finishing third in the tournament. In ESL Pro League Season 14, yes, Vitality, which was trying to resist NAVI again, lost 2-3 and finished the tournament second. Burning with enthusiasm for the major, they were once again matched against NAVI in the quarterfinals of PGL Major Stockholm 2021 and were eliminated. In the final of BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2021, they once again lost to NAVI and placed second. NAVI is also the reason for them to finish third at BLAST Premier: World Final 2021. We talked a lot about NAVI, didn't we? They didn't leave many titles to other teams.

2. Gambit Esports

Gambit Esports was the biggest follower of the summit this year. In fact, at the beginning of the year, the most successful team was Gambit Esports. However, NAVI had a spectacular rise and with this success, they got ahead of Gambit Esports. Gambit started the year as the Vulkan Fight Series champion. They achieved their most prestigious title this year with their victory against in the final of the IEM Season XV - World Championship. They also won the Pinnacle Cup I, EPIC CIS League Spring 2021 and IEM Summer 2021 titles. In fact, they defeated NAVI 2-0 in the BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2021 final in June, when they were still ahead of NAVI in terms of performance, and became champions. Afterwards, they first took a 2-0 lead in the StarLadder CIS RMR 2021 final, but NAVI had a fantastic comeback, and won the title by winning three maps in a row. The last final they won against NAVI was the IEM Fall 2021 CIS. They lost against NAVI in the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 semifinals and in the BLAST Premier: World Final 2021 final. V4 Future Sports Festival - Budapest 2021 championship is also very important for Gambit Esports. They defeated Entropiq 3-2 in the final. As you can imagine, they finished second in the BLAST Premier World Leaderboard 2021.

1. Natus Vincere

Here we come to the first of the list. If you've been watching CS:GO tournaments or have read the article so far, you've probably already guessed the first place. NAVI started the year with the title of BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020. They then won DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 and finished second at BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2021, losing to Gambit. So far everything was normal. They were among the best teams and they showed it in tournaments. We have already talked about who they were victorious against throughout the list. That's why we're just listing the titles they've won as of July 2021: StarLadder CIS RMR 2021, IEM Cologne 2021, ESL Pro League Season 14, BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2021 and BLAST Premier: World Final 2021. As if all this was not enough, they won the CS:GO major, the PGL Major Stockholm 2021, which was held after a long time, without giving Gambit a map in the final. They actually lost to Gambit Esports in the IEM Fall 2021 CIS final. How surprising, right? They also finished first in BLAST Premier World Leaderboard 2021, in short, they had an amazing year.

Credit: NAVI / PGL Major

We have come to the end of a year in which NAVI dominated, especially the second half. Our list ends here, but tournaments in CS:GO never stop. You can watch the matches of your favourite teams and place bets on Luckbox.