TL vs C9 coming up: LCS 2022 Spring Week 2 schedule and betting odds

LCS 2022 Spring has started and it started fast: Lock In winners Team Liquid lost against 100 Thieves, showing that the Thieves are ready to strike when it’s the championship on the line. The undefeated four will look into carrying that streak over to week two, while Lock In finalists TL and EG have to follow them from behind.

The games witnessed some interesting picks from Soraka to Janna, showing that North American coaches prepared their teams for the current meta. The underperformers of the first week were TSM, but they have more time and opportunities next week. Let’s have a look at the first week and then move on to the second week’s matches.

LCS 2022 Spring Week 1 recap

LCS’ first week started with the new Evil Geniuses vs TSM, powered by Chinese talent. Zeri found her first presence when she was picked by Evil Geniuses, while TSM went for Senna. After EG’s win, we moved on to FlyQuest vs Counter Logic Gaming, where FLY’s top lane Janna affected the game and they won heavily.

100 Thieves vs Team Liquid was definitely the match of the week, and while none of the teams went for unusual picks, it was a great fight between two great teams. With the Hextech Soul, 100 Thieves ended the game after forty minutes, and you should definitely watch it before week two.

Cloud9 then brought in Sona against Golden Guardians, in a game that they also brought mid Ivern and jungle Gwen onto the table! These picks turned out to be great for C9 and in 26 minutes, they claimed the win. Dignitas’ Caitlyn - Lux duo won them one against Immortals, and we move on to the second day.

The defending champions started with a win over CLG, utilizing Gwen top and defeating Contractz - Palafox’s Yasuo - Diana. Dignitas took their second win of the week against TSM, sending them to the bottom of the league. DIG’s Gwen proved to be better than TSM’s Zeri-Yuumi.

C9 - EG match didn’t have Gwen present, but Cloud9 found the surprise factor with Soraka this time. Defeating Evil Geniuses, C9 secured the 2-0 week. FlyQuest managed to defeat Golden Guardians, and Team Liquid bested Immortals at the last game of the day.

LCS 2022 Spring Week 2 schedule and betting odds

You might have noticed that I highlighted the importance of Gwen in the games of week one, and I expect that teams will continue to prioritize her in week two as well. Check out the schedule and betting odds for week two below.

Saturday, 12 February
Evil Geniuses (1.45) vs Dignitas (2.60) - 22.30 CET
Immortals (4.50) vs 100 Thieves (1.17) - 23.30 CET

Sunday, 13 February
Team Liquid (1.72) vs Cloud9 (2.00) - 00.30 CET
Golden Guardians (1.60) vs CLG (2.20) - 01.30 CET
TSM (1.48) vs FlyQuest (2.50) - 02.30 CET
Immortals (5.00) vs Cloud9 (1.13) - 21.30 CET
TSM (1.50) vs Golden Guardians (2.40) - 22.30 CET
Evil Geniuses (2.00) vs 100 Thieves (1.72) - 23.30 CET

Monday, 14 February
Team Liquid (1.20) vs FlyQuest (4.00) - 00.30 CET
Dignitas (1.48) vs CLG (2.50) - 01.30 CET

First game of the week is EG vs Dignitas. While EG had a battlescar in the first week, Dignitas started great, keeping up with their hype from Lock In. They would want to surprise EG as well. 100 will be the favourites against Immortals, and then we will see a great clash between Team Liquid and Cloud9. That match is similar to EG vs DIG, C9 is in form but TL has much to prove.

After TSM vs FLY, we will move on to the next day. Cloud9 seems to be a stronger competitor than Immortals, and TSM will want to bounce back against Golden Guardians, especially if they manage to defeat the 2-0 starters FlyQuest as well. Evil Geniuses then face 100 Thieves, the defending champions wthat look strong this year also. While TL vs C9 is the game of the week, EG vs 100 will be the match of the day, so don’t miss that one.

With Team Liquid vs FlyQuest, we will close the week. Both teams are looking strong, but TL lost one in the first week. If FLY manage to keep their good form going by defeating TSM, I am sure that Team Liquid, especially without CoreJJ, will have a hard time here.

LCS Spring 2022 Week 2 standings

If you want to have a better understanding of the current situation at LCS 2022 Spring, check out the standings after the first week below:

Placements Teams Scores
1 100 Thieves 2-0
1 Cloud9 2-0
1 Dignitas 2-0
1 FlyQuest 2-0
5 Evil Geniuses 1-1
5 Team Liquid 1-1
7 Counter Logic Gaming 0-2
7 Golden Guardians 0-2
7 Immortals 0-2
7 TSM 0-2


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