Tiny: Dota 2's Little Hard Rock

Tiny, the Stone Giant, has been making a lot of waves in recent times especially in the safe lane as Pos. 1 hero. This also marks Tiny’s return to Pos.1 after a brief hiatus, where he had faded into oblivion, due to few nerfs he received.

Nonetheless, it’s time to reflect as to what makes Tiny such a great pick in the current meta and a hero that can help you climb the MMR (Ranked Matchmaking) ladder if played properly.

Tiny is Powerful

Tiny is a powerful hero with immense ganking and killing potential. A strength hero in nature, he starts off vulnerable during the early game with his low mana pool and non-existent armour, but with a few levels, he gets considerably stronger.

Despite the initial setback due to low mana pool and non-existent armour, he can easily deal lethal damage and kill off enemies, especially squishy ones, from combo-ing his two active abilities; Avalanche and Toss.

These two combinations are a nightmare for heroes to deal with especially for squishy supports.

Slow but efficient farmer

Tiny has a slow attack speed but also has a high base attack damage. One hit of Tiny lands like a rock and the last hitting on him is relatively easy, only if timed well.

Image: Valve

Then there’s another active skill that helps Tiny become an efficient farming machine; Tree Grab.

Tree Grab gives additional bonus damage to Tiny and also provides him with cleave (splash) attack. This ensures Tiny can ramp up efficiently across the map.

Tree Grab lets Tiny use a tree to smack his enemies, dealing splash damage and makes Tiny a formidable pusher with its bonus damage against buildings. Furthermore, should his weakened enemies attempt to escape, Tiny can simply use his Tree Throw to finish them off.

Durable Tanker

Tiny’s ultimate, Grow, turns him into a formidable physical combatant as well. Grow increases Tiny's size and provides him with a massive boost to his attack damage and armour at the cost of some attack speed.

The bigger he grows, the slower he becomes. Thus many players opt to build items providing attack speed and try to make Tiny as agile as possible.

True to his name, Tiny starts off small and weak, but with the passage of time and proper itemisation, he becomes a hulky giant with enormous amounts of health and damage that can erase a squishy hero within the blink of an eye.

This exact rocky nature of Tiny makes him into a formidable hero and makes him one of the strongest carries in late game situations.


Pick Tiny. Hit with Tiny. Live like Tiny. Win like Tiny. Be Tiny in a giant way.

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