Tims' plea after fans 'abuse' TNC Predator's Kuku at team hotel

A miserable day at The International 2019 got worse for TNC Predator, with Dota 2 fans apparently abusing Kuku at the team hotel in Shanghai.

TNC Predator were eliminated by Team Liquid from TI9, an event at which they had been roundly booed by some Chinese fans in the venue unhappy with Kuku.


Filipino Kuku - real name Carlo Palad - was banned from playing in the Chongqing Major in December 2018 after using offensive language towards a Chinese player during an online game.

Tims to move on

Kuku's team-mate Tims tweeted to ask fans to "forgive his friend".

TI9 continues on Thursday with day three of the playoffs.


August 22, Day 3

Lower Bracket Round 2 (BO3)

Upper Bracket Round 2 (BO3)


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