Tidehunter: Boring, ultra boring yet reliable

Boring isn’t always bad. It can motivate us to become disciplined and more active. It also applies to Dota and a few heroes within its tidely universe.

Hopefully, y’all have got the hint.

We are talking about none other than Leviathan, the Tidehunter. He’s boring, extremely monotonous yet oddly reliable to the core. Playing the hero is rather easy and can help elevate your matchmaking (MMR) points as well.

The big question is, what makes him that reliable? Let’s find out.

Tidehunder: Extremely Durable

Tidehunter is one of the beastly heroes that can absorb heavy amounts of damage in the early game – thanks to his tough hide and disabling powers of his spells.

The durability of his Kraken Shell allows him to negate low damage attacks that increases his survivability chances.

A strength hero by nature, his stats at level one provides him with an absurd 27 + 3.5 strength, thus making him difficult to kill during the early-mid game.

Tidehunter’s ability to shrug off damage and his enormous strength gain makes him one of the most durable heroes in the game.

Tidehunder: Farm efficiency

Despite having high base stats, Tidehunter lacks in dealing high damage. Less attack damage would ideally make a hero difficult to find farm as a core, but not for Tidehunter.

Tidehunter’s Anchor Smash comes into play at this point, swinging his mighty anchor to attack and deal bonus damage to enemies. This ability helps Tidehunter to clear waves in or or two swoops, depending on his base damage.

Furthermore, Anchor Smash also reduces the attack damage of nearby enemies, thus covering up Tidehunter’s own shortcomings.

Tidehunder: Armour Reduction

Tidehunter is highly favoured as a core in many games owing to his durability and being a front-line hero in general. However, there’s another reason as to why he’s one of the preferred choices in pro games.

He’s adept at slowing down enemies as well as reducing their armour at the same time – thanks to Gush.

While Gush is a single target spell, it can be transformed into a ground targeted wave ability that affects enemy units in a line. In short, Gush becomes a AoE (area of effect) spell after upgrading it through Aghanim’s Scepter.

Tidehunder: Effective initiator

Tidehunter’s ultimate, Ravage, is his most lethal spell. Countless times has Tide’s ultimate ravaged hopes of many pro players, teams, dreams, and more.

Tidehunter slams the ground that causes tentacles to erupt in all directions in a 1250 radius. The ability damages and stuns everyone caught within the radius.

Ravage is a useful spell to have especially for Tidehunter’s allies. It discourages the enemies and forces them to rethink their strategies twice before initiating on Tidehunter’s allies especially in a team fight.

Similarly, Ravage can be used for offence or defence, and can be efficiently used to engage or disengage, depending on the situation.

Tidehunder: Conclusion

Boring is good. Tidehunter is good. He’s MMR friendly.

Master him, master Dota.

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