Best of TI9 Group Stage Playlist

The International 2019 boasts the finest Dota 2 players on the planet, using their astounding skills to produce amazing moments that live long in the memories of fans.

With the help of the Luckbox community, we're collating the best plays and TI9 vods from this year's International in Shanghai. If there's an unforgettable highlight we've missed, be sure to join our Discord server and make your TI9 vod suggestion.

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TI9 Best Plays: Group Stage Day 4

EG vs NiP - Series B9 - Game 2

Arteezy homing missile manta dodge.

Vici Gaming vs OG - Series B9 - Game 2

Ana final Ultra Kill.

Vici Gaming vs OG - Series B9 - Game 1

OG trying to focus down Paparazi Alchemist, Yang tossed him to safety, then Paparazi comes back with a double Concoction stun.

Tiny Avalanche and Mirana Starstorm nuking down all of OG's heroes, but then almost all of VG's heroes get wiped by Jerax Techies' Remote Mines.

Jerax juke and ends up jebaiting Yang into bombs.

PSG.LGD vs Alliance - Series A9 - Game 2

Ame Void Chronosphere cancels Boxi Axe TP.

Mineski vs Newbee - Series A9 - Game 2

Teamfight between Newbee and Mineski, great multi-hero Electric Vortex by CCnC ensures clean sweep.

Multi-hero Electric Vortex followed by Warlock ult wombo combo, then perfect calls by MSS Axe catches the rest of Mineski players, securing the game.

TNC Predator vs Team Liquid - Series A9 - Game 1

Effortless first blood, Kuku getting autoattacked to death by Gh.

Greedy TNC fight in Liquid shrine, ends up badly for TNC.

Funnny commentary: Liquid getting off a couple of kills from the retreating TNC, but Miracle chased too far and gets deleted by Skywrath and Sand King.

Miracle gets baited by a regen rune, gets deleted by TNC.

Miracle zipping down the retreating TNC players to kill Kuku and immediately retreats, but gets solo-killed by Armel.

Kuku aegis snatch as Liquid almost kill Roshan.

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Infamous - Series B8

ACE getting a rampage kill streak!

TI9 Best Plays: Group Stage Day 3

PSG.LGD vs Team Secret - Series A8 - Game 2

LGD destroying Secret simultaneously on two different places.

Somnus Tiny just casually shredding Secret heroes without even trying.

Liquid vs Keen - Series A8 - Game 2

Huge teamfight for Liquid, good black hole opening from MindControl and tinker nukes giving Liquid teamfight advantage before fight drags out, with Miracle ember wiping out the rest of Keen.

Closing teamfight for Team Liquid

Liquid vs Keen - Series A8 - Game 1

Chaos vs Newbee - Series A8 - Game 2

Axe berserker call into cataclysm, sealed the game and eliminated Chaos from TI.

Chaos vs Newbee - Series A8 - Game 1

First fully successful teamfight from Chaos, pretty nice black hole from Milan.

Matumbaman Brood carrying the game.

Insane spiderlings micro by Matumbaman, dodging several spells while still controlling his hero in this super-long teamfight.

Fnatic vs OG - Series B7 - Game 2

Abed outplaying JerAx, then Fnatic proceeds to teamwipe OG.

Sick play from Godson himself!

Fnatic vs OG - Series B7 - Game 1

Ana slark just wrecking Fnatic, runs away with a sliver of health, then kills the chasing Abed ember spirit.

Ana ultra kill.

Ana just casually base divin

Funny clip, Abed BM-ing Ceb with that spray before escaping

Virtus.pro vs Infamous - Series B7 - Game 2

Windows lul.

Virtus.pro vs Infamous - Series B7 - Game 1

Infamous catching Noone and Rodjer off guard with high precision gank.

Newbee vs Keen Gaming - Series A7 - Game 1

Funny: Enchantress is known for being very annoying and hard to deal with since her passive: untouchable slows your attackspeed by 170 (270) if you have level 20 talent.

Mars is using Arena of Blood to Make enchantress(sneyking ) unable to run away, but He activated Black King bar (BKB) Which makes him spell imminuty, but she still doesn’t run, Mars aghanim’s makes his god’s Rebuke gets a cooldown of 1,4 when He stands in arena of Blood, which makes him incredibly strong because of the aghanim’s scepter, and able to kill enchantress by 3 god’s rebuke. The spell does 270% crit of his own Damage since he picked the level 25 talent that increase 80% it becomes 350%.

Team Liquid vs Alliance - Series A7 - Game 2

Huge counterplay by Liquid with a really good Echo Slam by Gh

W33 tried TPing away from the trees, but Insania places a sentry ward exactly where he was TPing thus being able to catch him

Alliance destroying Liquid when they're stuck in the river with lots of AoE spells, securing the game

TI9 Best Plays: Group Stage Day 2

Evil Geniuses vs Vici Gaming - Series B5 - Game 2

Do you want it!? Do you want it!? (RTZ Rampage!!!)

Context: After EG loses the fight, rtz infests s4's sand king to run away but as s4 dies, he fights back and gets a 1v5 rampage.

Newbee vs TNC Predator - Series A5 - Game 2

Kuku manages to steal the aegis.

Alliance vs Keen Gaming - Series A5 - Game 2

Maximum range hook with morphing morph.

Evil Geniuses vs Royal Never Give Up - Series B4 - Game 1

S4 saves the entire team with aghs on Abbadon.

OG vs Ninjas in Pyjamas - Series B4 - Game 1

Ana Io carry madness, Focus Fire + Tether + Lv25 talent = towers obliterated

Ana Io carry madness part 2, fountain diving, Io ultra kill

Epic teamfight, Ceb got a good echo slam but NiP still came out on top ultimately.

OG invading NiP base, but 33 Lone Druid ratting and attacking OG tier 4 towers, forcing them to retreat

Vici Gaming vs Virtus.pro - Series B3 - Game 2

Stalemate-breaking teamfight, Ori Medusa dealing so much damage and Yang SK burrowstrikes on point

Evil Geniuses vs OG - Series B3 - Game 2

SumaiL Ember Spirit flexing on Topson Pugna, dodging Nether Blasts and tower attack with movement and Slight of Fist jukes before solo-killing him

Funny: Ana dropped the manta style recipe during their fight.


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TI9 Best plays: Group Stage Day 1

PSG.LGD vs TNC Predator - Series A3 - Game 2

Kuku Earthshaker got a really nice initiation that caught LGD off-guard, the only teamfight TNC won in this game actually.

TNC gets fountain dived by the whole team lul.

Chaos E.C. vs Alliance - Series A3 - Game 2

Boxi Earthshaker dunked on Matu DK with a Lifestealer inside, but when he uses Echo Slam, Misery's Nightmare clutch-saved DK

Fnatic vs Vici Gaming - Series B2 - Game 2

Funniest game of the day, even until the very end of the game Fnatic stalls for a very long time while trying to hook people into a field of Spark Wraiths, when they finally successfully did it on Fade's Tusk he had Aeon Disk.

Chaos E.C. vs. Alliance - Series A3 - Game 1

Probably the most fifty-fifty fight I've seen so far, they saved matumbaman for so long he ends up carrying a lost teamfight.

Team Secret vs Team Liquid - Series A3 - Game 1

Secret vs Liquid ending, MidOne ultra kill.

Team Secret vs Team Liquid - Series A3 - Game 1

Liquid tries to kill zai Centaur, Nisha Alc goes amok, Centaur lives while all of Liquid gets killed.

Team Secret vs Newbee - Series A2 - Game 1

Comeback teamfight by Secret.

Chaos E.C. vs Team Liquid - Series A2 - Game 1

Sick jukes by MinD_ContRoL.

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Virtus.pro - Series B1 - Game 2

Insanely huge teamfight around rosh pit.

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Virtus.pro - Series B1 - Game 2

Funny clip - Ramzes Kunkka X-ed Solo in attempt to snatch rune but didnt even pull him back when he got attacked.

Fnatic vs Evil Geniuses - Series B1 - Game 2

Abed Medusa Double Rampage.

OG vs Natus Vincere - Series B1 - Game 1

Topson Arc Warden placing lots of Spark Wraith on respawn site, Na'Vi hero immediately dies after spawn.

Fnatic vs Evil Geniuses - Series B1 - Game 1

Fnatic baiting EG into thinking theyre doing Roshan, wipes them afterwards.

TNC Predator vs Keen Gaming - Series A1 - Game 2

Keen just casually keeping their fountain-diving Alchemist alive.

Epic comeback finisher by TNC.

Team Liquid vs Newbee - Series A1 - Game 2

Failed call by MindControl's Axe turned into disaster for Liquid.

Chaos E.C. vs PSG.LGD - Series A1 - Game 2

Chaos almost got Roshan but turned into a disaster. On-point ultimates by fy and xNova.


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