TI9 day three fantasy guide - best players to pick

With two days played at The International 2019, we're getting to the nitty gritty of the group stage and Dota 2 fan and Luckbox community member Riley suggests which players to pick in his TI9 day three fantasy guide

Group A has more series again for this day, but this time the teams that play the most are not the powerhouses - Alliance, Chaos, Keen, Mineski, and Newbee. For carry, top picks would be miCKe and YawaR. For mid; qojqva, Moon, CCnC. For support; Taiga, iNSaNiA, MSS, pieliedie. I left Kaka out because Keen looks like the most uninspired team this TI.

Favored lineup: miCKe, YawaR, Moon, MSS, iNSaNiA.
Thoughts: Even though I've had my doubts with Mineski, I felt daring with Moon - he's such an underrated player.


A guide to the golden rules

Always take note of three golden rules below, because the best TI9 fantasy challenge results are subjective to the cards you possess.

Golden Rule 1: Always pick players from teams that plays the most that day. It’s just maths, even players from underwhelming teams will definitely score more points if they played more games than players from top-tier teams.

Golden Rule 2: Card stats matter. Same thing can be said for these as in the above - worse-performing player cards with better stats will score better than high-profile player cards with worse stats.

Golden Rule 3: Some stats are better than others. Way better. Kills, GPM, and Creep Score are the golden standard for carry stats; for mid it would be Kills and for support stats it would be Obs. Wards Placed and Camps Stacked. Runes Grabbed are also good for players that like to roam. Don’t pick cards with unreliable stats like First Blood or Roshan Kills - they’re garbage.

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