TI9 day four playoffs fantasy predictions - Riley's picks

It's time to get ready for day four fantasy predictions at TI9. Dota 2 fan and Luckbox community member Riley is here with his TI9 Main Stage fantasy challenge predictions

TI9 day four predictions

Three matches being played on Day 4 are Lower Bracket matches, with two of them determined already: RNG vs Liquid and Infamous vs Secret. The last match will be between EG and whoever wins the RNG vs Liquid match. It means, either RNG or Liquid will be playing 2 series for the day.


So, the logic is to pick the team you think will win between RNG and Liquid. For cores, the options are Monet, Flyby, MinD_ContRoL, or Miracle-. For mid, w33 or Setsu; for support, GH, KuroKy, LaNm, or ahfu.

Favored lineup: Miracle-, MinD_ContRoL, w33, GH, KuroKy.

Thoughts: I'm favoring Liquid to win. However, underdogs in the lower bracket seem to undergo a huge surge in power so I wouldn't count out RNG yet (especially after eliminating VP 2-0, although VP looked in a bad shape) So if you're feeling for the RNG route, go ahead. Also, even though Offlaners generally gives less points than Safelaners, since I'm predicting that Liquid will be playing the most games tomorrow then the only option left is MinD_ContRoL. If going for the RNG route, go with Flyby. Or, if you wanna go the safe route, go with a hybrid mix of the two.

Stay tuned for day five fantasy predictions and chat with me and other Dota 2 fans in the Luckbox Discord server.

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