TI9 day five playoffs fantasy predictions - Riley's picks

It's time to get ready for day-five fantasy predictions at TI9. Dota 2 fan and Luckbox community member Riley is here with his TI9 Main Stage fantasy challenge predictions

TI9 day five predictions

There are three matches on day five of the TI9 playoff stage.

In the Upper Bracket we have PSG.LGD vs OG, while on the Lower Bracket we have DPC leaders Vici vs Team Secret, with the winner facing Liquid afterwards. Thus, either VG or Secret will be playing two series for the day.

The team that wins the VG vs Secret match will score the most amount of points. Knowing these two teams, however, choosing which one will be a tough ordeal. For cores, the options are Paparazi, Yang, Nisha, or zai. For mid, Ori or MidOne. For support, Fade, Dy, YapzOr, or Puppey.

Favoured lineup for TI9 day five Paparazi, Nisha, Ori, Dy, Puppey.


Thoughts: Since we're talking about an elimination match between two of the strongest teams in the season, things couldn't go more neck-to-neck.

Honestly, since I'm not sure on who will win this matchup, I'm simply going for the safest option this time, having a mix of the two teams to ensure that I have a decent amount of points for tomorrow since one of them are guaranteed to play two series. Judging on their main stage performance, I slightly favor VG to win (thus, I have more VG players in my deck).

However, if you feel confident enough that one team will best the other, then you can opt for a full-team roster to score the maximum amount of points possible.

Stay tuned for the final fantasy predictions and chat with me and other Dota 2 fans in the Luckbox Discord server.

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