Dota 2 pros gear up for TI9 All-Star match to cap day 4 timetable

Day four of The International 2019 playoff stage offers something extra special for Dota 2 fans, with the timetable featuring the TI9 All-Star match.

The teams were selected after the group stage and the format is all random deathmatch - every time they die, they get a new hero.

Each team has only 40 lives to play with, so first to 45 kills wins the game if the ancient isn't destroyed beforehand.

The teams

All Star A

  1. miCKe
  2. RAMZES666
  3. SumaiL
  4. Dy
  5. SoNNeikO

All Star B

  1. Nisha
  2. Miracle
  3. Somnus'M
  4. Tims
  5. pieliedie

All-Star match start time

The TI9 All-Star match is due to click off on Friday, August 23rd.

TI9 All-Star match live stream

The predictions

As you might expect for such an encounter, there's little to choose when it comes to betting on the TI9 All-Star match.

All-Star A, featuring miCKe, RAMZES666, SumaiL, Dy and SoNNeikO are favourites at 1.70. All-Star B, featuring Nisha, Miracle, Somnus'M, Tims and pieliedie are available at slightly longer odds of 2.10.

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