Luckbox TI8 prediction contest winners

Right before The International 8 started, we asked you which team was you favorite to win it. OG's remarkable performance all along the event and above all during that breathtaking final surprised everyone.

Only 7 of you could guess the right outcome and here are the winners:

Stella, linay//////[email protected]
Neida, er//////[email protected]
Yoseline, /yoseline/////////[email protected]
Angelito, angelito//////[email protected]
YESUADIYAN, jn/////[email protected]
Réaumur, cer///////[email protected]

Each of them will receive a free arcana with a Paul 'ReDeYe' Chaloner autograph on it worth around $30 after August 31st when they are available.

We will be staging new competitions and covering new events soon. Stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook accounts to be the first to take advtantage of it.