Thunder Awaken wins DPC SA Tour 3 Division I

DPC South America has ended. The Peruvian team, Thunder Awaken, struck the tournament like lightning. They lost only one match in seven weeks and became champions.

Today we will take a look at what happened in the sixth week, the tiebreaker match, and the prize pool.

Thunder Awaken secures the first place in the sixth week

  • Wolf Team 0 - 2 SG esports
  • Infamous 2 - 0 Hokori
  • Thunder Awaken 2 - 0 beastcoast

SG esports moved up to fifth place with a comfortable win over its rival. As a result, Wolf Team finished sixth in the DPC SA Tour 3 Division I.

The rival of Infamous was Hokori. With the victory of SG esports, Hokori, who had no claim to stay in Division I, could not resist and lost 2-0. This win wasn't enough for Infamous to go to the Arlington Major. They finished in third place.

The most anticipated match of DPC SA Tour 3 Division I was Thunder Awaken vs beastcoast since it was for the first place. Thunder Awaken defeated their opponent quite easily, even winning the second game in just 15 minutes.

With this result, beastcoast and Infamous played a tiebreaker match for both the second place and the Arlington Major.

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Beastcoast got the Arlington Major ticket

  • beastcoast 2 - 0 Infamous

Although Infamous faced beastcoast dreaming of Arlington Major, they could not reverse expectations. Having won both of the first two games, beastcoast became the second team from DPC SA to qualify for the Arlington Major.

Prize pool

Place Team USD Seed DPC Points
1st Thunder Awaken $30,000 Arlington Major/Division I 500
2nd beastcoast $28,000 Arlington Major/Division I 300
3rd Infamous $27,000 Division I 200
4th Tempest $26,000 Division I 100
5th SG esports $25,000 Division I 50
6th Wolf Team $24,000 Division I -
7th Infinity $23,000 Division II -
8th Hokori $22,000 Division II -


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