Thunder Awaken will appear at TI 11 with their longtime roster

Two days before The International 11 starts, we will focus on one of the two Peruvian teams taking part in the tournament, Thunder Awaken.

We will take a look at Thunder Awaken's recent performance and their chances at The International 11, which has garnered attention with their long-standing roster.

The last name to join Thunder Awaken was Sacred

Thunder Awaken's roster has featured the same four players since October of 2021. Sacred joined the team in February 2022 to replace Oscar. Other members of the team are Pakazs, Darkmago, Matthew and Pandaboo. Let's see what Thunder Awaken has done since Sacred joined.

Just before Sacred joined the team, Thunder Awaken finished first in the DPC SA 2021/2022 Tour 1: Division I and finished third in the regional final, losing to Infamous. Then Sacred joined the team.

Subsequently, the first tournament Thunder Awaken participated in was BTS Pro Series Season 9: Americas. Thunder Awaken, who won 3-2 against 4 Zoomers, became the champion of the tournament.

They also finished first in DPC SA 2021/2022 Tour 2: Division I and qualified for ESL One Stockholm 2022. I think they performed very well at ESL One Stockholm 2022 as well. With their loss against OG, they said goodbye to Major as 5th-6th.

They also took first place in the last round of DPC SA and managed to keep the first place all year against their biggest rivals beastcoast.

Thunder Awaken participated in ESL One Malaysia 2022 with their first place in ESL One Malaysia 2022 South America: Closed Qualifier. In ESL One Malaysia 2022, they lost again to OG and said goodbye to the tournament as 5th-6th place.

They didn't make much of a presence at the PGL Arlington Major 2022. They were one of five teams to bid farewell to the Major in the group stage.

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Credit: Thunder Awaken

Feel The Thunder at The International 11

Thunder Awaken is South America's best team in my opinion and for many Dota 2 fans. However things change when it comes to The International 11. There are quite strong Dota 2 teams in both Europe and Asia. South American teams often lag behind them.

Thunder Awaken's group at The International 11 includes beastcoast, Entity, Fnatic, Talon Esports, Team Aster, Team Secret, Team Spirit, TSM and Tundra Esports.

Thunder Awaken, with their performance in the DPC season, showed that maybe this time they are the team that can change the fate of South America. Do you think a South American team will succeed this time at The International?

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