Three more to go: LCS Lock In 2022 Semifinals schedule and betting odds

We are getting close to the end of LCS Lock In 2022, with only three matches remaining. Aside from the reigning champions 100 Thieves being eliminated this weekend, the games went as expected. Before getting into details, it can be said that four teams that are left proved they deserve their place at the top four of this event.

While Dignitas eliminated 100 Thieves, Team Liquid bested FlyQuest, Evil Geniuses defeated Golden Guardians and Cloud9 managed to put down Counter Logic Gaming’s fire on the only three games long series of the quarterfinals. Let’s find out what happened during the games and see what they tell us for the matches this weekend.

LCS Lock In 2022 quarterfinals

The first game was the one that you could consider the most one-sided matchup, 100 Thieves vs Dignitas. Last year’s champion and the rising star of LCS had a 3-1 score at LCS Lock In too, meaning that they were the favourites here. However, Dignitas utterly destroyed them and moved on to the semifinals with 2-0. While the first game was a comeback, the second one was a total domination with 15-3:

Next up was Team Liquid vs FlyQuest. TL had to change their roster a lot during this event because CoreJJ’s green card is still on the wait list, with Core and Hans not being able to play together. For the first game, Bwipo gave up his place to Bradley, and CoreJJ - Hans sama duo were finally able to play together in the pro arena. They really showed their strengths at the first game:

Bwipo came back for the second one, but it didn’t change much. TL once again dominated the game and moved on with 2-0.

Evil Geniuses then played against Golden Guardians. GG’s academy roster was able to secure one win during the group stage against TSM, which led them to the quarterfinals. However, EG was the team with the best score in both groups. Although Golden Guardians attempted to fight back during the second game, Evil Geniuses easily secured a 2-0 and moved on to semifinals.

They aren’t the only ones aiming for that $150,000 prize, CLG vs Cloud9 was shockingly the most close one at the quarterfinals. Cloud9 had the upper hand in the first game, although CLG tried to answer, it was in vain.

However, CLG played a great second game: Luger and Poome led the team during the first few minutes and Jenkins then took over the responsibility, helping his team to win. Still, Cloud9 convincingly won the third game and moved on to the semifinals with Darshan’s Akshan.

LCS Lock In 2022 semifinals schedule and betting odds

The remaining games at LCS Lock In 2022 will be played this weekend:

Saturday, 29 January
Dignitas vs Team Liquid - 01.30

Sunday, 30 January
Evil Geniuses vs Cloud9 - 00.30
DIG/TL vs EG/C9 - 23.30, Grand Final

Although Dignitas did pull a major upset against 100 Thieves, I still doubt if they can surprise us once again. Team Liquid is a very strong team, which has to give up one of their strong points now, that makes them more vulnerable than usual. However, they are still the favourites, though you shouldn’t overlook what Dignitas is capable of.

The second series will see Evil Geniuses against Cloud9, which is more of a closer matchup. EG has shown they are stronger right now with their performance, and unlike Cloud9, they aren’t missing anyone from their ideal roster. They have the upper hand here, with Cloud9 having the chance of pulling an upset. Looking at it this way, this series isn’t very different from the first one.

The semifinals and the grand final at LCS Lock In 2022 will be played this weekend, and if you are also interested in this competition, watch the games and place your bets at Luckbox.