This month’s major esports competitions - June 2022

Summer has officially started and it’s the season of the best esports competitions. In June, many leagues and tournaments are beginning. If you want to watch esports this summer and you are looking for your options, we have listed them for you. Check out the best competitions in the world from different games below.

Unlike many other sports, esports takes no breaks in the summer season. We will start from CS:GO to LoL and check what’s waiting for you. You can also watch our Monthly Majors video here if you want to.

IEM Dallas

Intel Extreme Masters Season XVII - Dallas, held in Dallas, Texas, has already started in May, and after a few final games, we are heading to the playoffs. In Dallas, 16 of the world’s best teams are fighting for the $250,000 prize pool. The final will be played on June 5, so don’t forget to take a look.

BLAST Finals

We love to see it: one of the most famous CS:GO competitions of all time, BLAST Premier 2022 Spring Finals begins soon. The tournament will take place in Lisbon where eight battle-hardened finalists, Team Vitality, OG, FaZe Clan, G2 Esports, NAVI, BIG, ENCE and paiN, will fight for their share of $425,000 prize pool. The action will start on June 15, and the final will be played on June 19.

Image via HLTV

GSL 2022 Season 2: Code S

StarCraft II competitions are also starting. The second season of Global StarCraft League 2022 is held in Seoul, Korea. Featuring the best SC2 players from Korea, the tournament will be held between June 6 and July 21. The winner will get the lion's share of the $123,000 prize pool, but more importantly, they will lock a place for themselves at IEM Katowice 2023.

League of Legends

League of Legends summer season is something else, with all the leagues around the world starting right after MSI 2022. Teams won’t only fight to earn their share of the prize pools, but also for a place at Worlds 2022. These four leagues are the major leagues of LoL so we will cover them, but many more like Vietnamese, Pacific, Japanese and Brazilian leagues are also starting this summer.

LEC 2022 Summer

Europe’s League of Legends competition LEC is starting on June 17 in Berlin, Germany. Ten best European teams are looking to get a place at Worlds 2022, where they haven’t been successful in a long time now.

LCS 2022 Summer

North American League of Legends competition LCS is also starting eith the regular season taking place between June 18 and August 14 in Los Angeles, California. LCS finally made it to MSI 2022 semi-finals this year, and the teams aim to take it further at Worlds 2022.

LCK 2022 Summer

Let’s get to the good stuff: LCK 2022 Summer is coming, although the exact start date is not clear, they are expected to start around the same time as LEC and LCS. As always, the league will be held at LoL Park in Seoul, Korea. After losing yet another international tournament in the finals, LCK teams will work hard to find a ticket to Worlds 2022 and take down LPL.

LPL 2022 Summer

The undisputed and the best League of Legends league, China’s LPL also starts this summer on an unannounced date. Champions of the last three tournaments, LPL teams are coming to Worlds 2022 to further strengthen their dominance and make it a perfect two years.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Champions Tour Challengers Stage 2

VCT 2022 Stage 2 has already started, and all major regions will complete their competitions in June. The teams are fighting to get their share of the prize pool and a ticket to Masters Copenhagen. Let’s take a look at what’s happening there.


VCT 2022 EMEA Stage 2 Challengers started in May and some teams have already shown that they have what it takes to advance to playoffs. The tournament is held online with a prize pool of €200,000, with three Masters Copenhagen slots going to the first three teams. The final will be played on June 26, so don’t miss it.


VCT 2022 NA Stage 2 Challengers also started in May, with OpTic Gaming dominating their group once again. The tournament offers a $200,000 prize pool and two Masters Copenhagen slots, where NA could win a second Masters this year. Check out the matches as soon as you can, because the final will take place on June 26.

VCT Brazil

After their great success in Masters Reykjavík, Brazil will have more hope in Masters Copenhagen. VCT 2022 Brazil Stage 2 Challengers champion will have the opportunity to directly represent the region at Masters Copenhagen, with the second place having to face a LATAM representative. They will also take their share of the $83,000 prize pool. Just like the other VCT Challengers tournaments, the final is on June 26.

VCT Korea

The last major region of VALORANT, VCT 2022 Korea Stage 2 Challengers is crowning the champion on June 26. Korea got crushed by BR and NA last Masters, falling short of expectations. They will crown a new champion to represent them at Masters Copenhagen, and they will share the $83,000 prize pool.

That’s it for this month’s events. You can watch any of the tournaments you see here, claim your 100% bonus and place your bets on your favourites on Luckbox.