This month’s major esports competitions - July 2022

The summer breeze in June was great, but July brings us even more esports competitions. Many leagues and tournaments continue their course, while some of the best tournaments like IEM Cologne and Masters Copenhagen begin. We have gathered the best events in July for you.

There will be no breaks in July either, as all the famous esports games have big tournaments. CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, VALORANT: they are all there. You can also check out our Monthly Majors video below to see what's cooking in July.


July in CS:GO started with DreamHack Valencia, which hosts the ESL Challenger. 8 teams are competing for a place in the ESL Pro League Conference S17. However, the main event in July is the IEM Cologne.

IEM Season XVII - Cologne

IEM Cologne will kick off on July 5 and runs until July 17. It is one of the biggest tournaments in CS:GO and the prize pool is just as big: $1,000,000 will be divided among the teams. Teams like NAVI, FaZe, C9, G2, NIP, FURIA and Vitality will participate in IEM Cologne.

The tournament will start with a short play-in phase and continue with the group phase. After that, six teams will try to survive in the single elimination bracket, the playoffs. The winner's share of the prize pool is a whopping $400,000.


VALORANT's regional leagues are over, and we head to Masters Copenhagen in Denmark. In addition, the local leagues in EMEA are also over and they will be taking part in the VRL Finals, a final tournament where seven EMEA teams will compete for glory. After Masters Copenhagen, the only VALORANT tournament left is the Last Chance Qualifiers before Champions Istanbul.

VALORANT Masters - Copenhagen

The VCT 2022 Stage 2 Masters - Copenhagen will begin on June 10. The format and prize pool is still not clear, but we know which teams will be participating. Fnatic, FPX, Guild, XSET, OpTic, Paper Rex, LOUD, DRX, KRÜ and more will be part of Masters 2. The grand final will take place on July 24 at Forum Copenhagen, the first VALORANT tournament with live spectators.

Masters Copenhagen and IEM Cologne look exciting, they are two of the best tournaments this month and deserve your attention. Visit Luckbox to find coverage of these tournaments, watch the games live and sign up now to claim your 100% bonus before placing your bets.

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Dota Pro Circuit Regionals

The Dota 2 action continues with the Dota Pro Circuit Regionals. The leagues will take a break before the teams that qualify compete in the Arlington Major in Texas.

DPC China

Total chaos reigns in DPC China. RNG, Team Aster and Xtreme Gaming are leading the league at the moment. They are closely followed by PSG.LGD and Vici Gaming. There are not many games left, the teams have to secure their places as soon as possible.

DPC Western Europe

Things do not look much different in Western Europe either. Tundra Esports leads 4-1, followed by Entity, OG and Team Liquid. Team Secret has fallen behind after a string of poor performances and will be working to close the gap in the last two weeks.

DPC Eastern Europe - Southeast Asia

As expected, Team Spirit leads the EEU with a record of 3-0. Their closest rivals are BetBoom Team and Natus Vincere, but the region has three spots so they can go to Texas together. That is not the case in Southeast Asia. RSG, Talon Esports, BOOM Esports and Fnatic all have good records and one of them will be left behind. T1 is disappointing and stuck in the middle of the pack at 2-2.

DPC Americas

Four teams from two American leagues will compete in Arlington Major and Quincy Crew look like they will secure one of the spots in NA. nouns and Evil Geniuses are close on their heels. beastcoast, Infamous and Thunder Awaken are all 3-1 in DPC SA, only two of them will make it to Texas.

League of Legends Regionals

League of Legends' steady calendar means that regional leagues continue in July. There are many smaller regions both in Europe and around the world, so below are the main ones for you to check out:

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LEC 2022 Summer

The LEC will take place on all weekends until August. The competition will end in mid-August and then the playoffs will begin. Excel Esports and G2 Esports lead the league at the moment, but the level of competition is high and it looks like many teams can claim Worlds spots this season.

LCS 2022 Summer

The LCS also started a fortnight ago and will continue in July. CLG, Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid lead the league with a record of 4-1. Eight teams are participating in the playoffs, so achieving a perfect record in the LCS is not that important. It will also end in August.

LCK 2022 Summer

June saw the first shock in the LCK, with T1 losing its 24-series streak in the league to the Kwangdong Freecs. Gen.G, DRX and T1 seem to be leading the LCK as DWG KIA lost to both GEN and T1 which hurt them badly. We will get a better understanding of the strengths of these teams in July.

LPL 2022 Summer

Finally, the best league in the world: China's LPL. The LPL is experiencing one of the most competitive seasons in its history, with JDG, V5, TES, EDG, Weibo, RNG and LNG looking incredibly strong. Only four of them will get a place at the World Championship, so their performance in July will be crucial.

You can also keep track of the regional leagues from Dota 2 and LoL. Find the matches to watch them live or visit Luckbox’s news to get the freshest coverage about the leagues and sign up now to grab your 100% bonus before placing your bets.