There are three Brazilian teams at the IEM Rio Major 2022

Intel Extreme Masters Rio Major 2022 will kick off on October 31. There are 24 teams in the tournament. Three of these teams are Brazilian.

Today we will focus on these three Brazilian teams and whether they can be successful in the tournament.

00 Nation

The team we will focus on first does not have a very old history. We've been hearing about them in the CS:GO esports arena since September 2021. Many notable Brazilian players feature on 00 Nation's roster. Especially coldzera and TACO are seen as the most important players of the team.

Especially in June 2022, 00 Nation's roster has changed quite a bit. TACO, latto and dumau joined the roster while cky became the coach of the team. After these changes, they did not achieve much success, in fact.

They finished 5th-6th at the ESL Challenger at DreamHack Valencia 2022. At IEM Cologne 2022, they were 13th-16th. Even at CCT South America Series #1, they didn't make it past the quarterfinals.

They qualified for the American RMR by finishing third in IEM Road to Rio 2022: American RMR - South American Qualifier #1. Afterwards, American RMR fourth place meant a ticket to the Major for them.

They are one of the Contenders, the lowest level of the IEM Rio Major 2022. They are one of the important teams among the Contenders teams, but they will compete in with the Challengers teams. For this reason, they may have a hard time getting into the top 8. Therefore, I don't think they will be able to see the Legends Stage, but it is possible if they perform a little above expectations.

Among the teams participating in the IEM Rio Major 2022, Brazilian teams also seem to be quite ambitious. Do you think the Brazilian teams will succeed in the Major? You can watch the matches of your favourite teams and place bets on Luckbox. Sign up now and get a 100% deposit bonus.

Credit: IEM

Current roster

FURIA Esports

FURIA Esports is one of the favourite teams not only of Brazil but also of the Major. I think they are the best Contenders team along with Outsiders.

On the Challengers Stage, the only team that can push them seems to be Cloud9. As such, I think they can easily rise to the Legends Stage.

I think they have the power to enter the top 8 on the Legends Stage. So they can move up to the Champions Stage. They can pass the quarterfinals of the Champions Stage if they perform well, but I don't think they will see the further, the grand final.

FURIA Esports, which has been continuing with the same roster for a long time, reached the quarterfinals in the most recent CS:GO Major, PGL Major Antwerp 2022. Let's see if they can do the same or better at IEM Rio Major 2022.

Current roster

Imperial Esports

Next up is Imperial Esports. Since February 2022, only one new player and coach have joined the team. Chelo and fnx (Coach) are the new additions to the team in August 2022.

Frankly, they are one of the leading teams, but I cannot say that they are as assertive as FURIA Esports.

They are one of the best Contenders teams but may struggle against Challengers Stage teams. It is not impossible for them to rise to the Legends Stage. So at least I can say that they have a better chance than 00 Nation.

The Champions Stage is, in my opinion, impossible for Imperial Esports. They don't have much of a chance against the leading teams of the Legends Stage.

One of their biggest successes recently was the ESL Challenger at DreamHack Melbourne 2022 runner-up. In October 2022, they reached the semifinals in FiReLEAGUE 2022: Global Finals as well. They were also champions at the OMEN WGR European Challenge 2022 in March of 2022.

Current roster

At the IEM Rio Major 2022, the home teams will do their best to be successful. They will want to not lose the Major title to another country, but this does not look easy. We will watch and see together. Stay on Luckbox to keep up to date with the IEM Rio Major 2022.