There are no Brazilian teams at BLAST Premier Fall Groups, But…

Fanatics of CS:GO esports already know that BLAST Premier Fall Groups is starting, but one country is missing from the competition. As Brazil is a country/region with many achievements and history in FPS esports, they are expected to participate in such a famous tournament. Let’s find out why Brazil misses BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022.

As one of the oldest CS:GO competitions, BLAST Premier tournaments are held in the highest regard. Just a few months earlier, MIBR participated in BLAST Premier Spring Groups, and because of BLAST’s popularity, you might wonder why there isn’t any Brazilian team this time. Brazilian fans, especially, will be affected by this change.

Why is Brazil missing?

So, although Brazil is an incredibly successful region, challenging the best teams around the world in every chance, why isn’t there even a Brazilian player in BLAST Premier Fall Groups? Yes, especially since the pandemic, the strong Brazil we know isn’t there, but that doesn’t mean they are suddenly a minor region now.

Sadly, the last Brazilian organization with a BLAST Premier partnership was MIBR. Owned by Immortals Gaming Club, MIBR decided to sell their partner slot to Heroic, leaving BLAST Premier without a Brazilian team for now. MIBR’s head coach Nak announced at the time that MIBR has been participating in BLAST Premier tournaments since a long time but they didn’t have significant results.

Taking a look at the recent tournaments, he wasn’t wrong. At BLAST Premier Spring Groups, MIBR failed to qualify for the main event. Nak told that this money would provide more resources to maintain the structure they have at MIBR. Brazilian fans were obviously concerned about both MIBR and the Brazilian esports scene.

Personally, as a CS:GO fan, it is sad to see a Brazilian team leave the BLAST Premier arena by selling their slot to another European team. Brazil always adds spice to any tournament they attend in any esports discipline. However, this is not the end of Brazilian presence in BLAST Premier.

BLAST tournaments follow an uncomplicated format: first, the partner teams play with each other in the group stage to attend the main event. Eliminated partners and winners from qualifiers attend the Showdown where two more teams qualify for the main event. Finally, the main event is played, and after two main events (Spring and Fall), World Final is played at the end of the year.

Although they won’t attend the BLAST Premier tournaments directly, the next Major tournament in CS:GO esports is headed to Rio in Brazil! There, we will see enough Brazilian teams. Don't forget to claim a 20€ bonus on any esports by placing a 10€ bet on BLAST Premier games with our Free Bet special.

So, what is a BLAST Premier partner?

BLAST Premier partner teams

Esports fanatics are familiar with the term franchising. BLAST Premier’s partnership is the same: twelve teams pay BLAST for permanent slots that get them to start from the BLAST Premier Fall/Spring Groups event directly. From those events, six teams qualify for the main event, while only two qualify through the Showdown.

Currently, Astralis, BIG, Complexity, Evil Geniuses, FaZe Clan, G2 Esports, Heroic, Natus Vincere, Ninjas in Pyjamas, OG, Team Liquid and Team Vitality are partners of BLAST Premier, holding permanent slots at BLAST Premier events. This means eight European organizations and four North American organizations.

Obviously, this hurts the variety a lot in BLAST Premier tournaments. Showdown is usually not enough to include teams from different parts of the world. However, Europe and North America mostly are the places where the best teams come from, so it’s understandable to some extent.

While six Fall Groups teams eliminated attend the Fall Showdown, ten teams from different qualifiers will also attend. Three teams will be invited, and one of them is Brazilian Sharks Esports. One team from Oceania, one from NA, one from Asia (TYLOO), one from Northern Europe, one from Europe, one from Eastern Europe and one from Latin America (Argentinian and Brazilian teams) will be included.

Showdown is a good attempt at bringing in more variety for the tournaments, and paiN Gaming actually managed to take down partnered teams to make it to Spring Finals 2022, earlier this year. Thus, it isn’t a total waste of time.

BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2022 is starting this weekend; make sure to tune in with live streams on Luckbox.