The summer season of LoL esports is starting

With MSI 2022 marking the end of the spring season, it's time for the second part of the year in the League of Legends esports. All leagues around the world will start again until we arrive at Worlds 2022. With the most prestigious tournament of the year coming up, it is sure that LoL fans will have a great summer.

The summer season starts in June and lasts until August in LoL esports, for almost all leagues. The major leagues will continue as normal, but we do not have much information yet about what will happen in the CIS, Vietnam and Pacific regions. Check out what we can expect in the summer below.


Europe's top-flight League of Legends competition, LEC, kicks off on June 17. The top ten European teams will compete for a place in the top six. They will then be seeded in the playoffs according to their Championship Points, a system that also takes into account spring season performance.

Last season, G2 Esports pulled off a miracle in the playoffs by coming out of the lower bracket with a record of 12-0. However, G2's performance at MSI 2022 was a disappointment. They managed to steal games from RNG and T1 in the group stage but were annihilated by T1 in the playoffs.

Astralis, Excel Esports, Fnatic, G2 Esports, MAD Lions, Misfits Gaming, Rogue, SK Gaming, Team BDS and Team Vitality will try to finish top three in the playoffs after the regular season ends. Apart from the first week's games, the LEC's schedule is not yet public. Before the season starts on June 17, we will keep you updated on the latest changes and the schedule.


The North American League of Legends league LCS starts on June 17, with the regular season lasting until August 14. After that, the "Championship" begins with the eight teams that finished the regular season with the best record.

The LCS saw a miracle run in spring by Evil Geniuses, a team with two rookies that destroyed North America. After that, EG could not get a single win against Europe's G2, but they managed to impress fans with their performance against RNG in the playoffs. That's still not enough for the NA fans, but it is an improvement from last year when NA missed the knockout stage of MSI 2022 completely.

100 Thieves, Cloud9, CLG, Dignitas, Evil Geniuses, FlyQuest, Golden Guardians, Immortals, Team Liquid and TSM are all in the hunt for a ticket to Worlds 2022, the most valuable commodity in League of Legends esports. More LCS news, such as the schedule, is on the way and we will keep you updated here on Luckbox.


Arguably the most important League of Legends region, China's LPL 2022 Summer kicks off on June 10, with the regular season running until August 14. 17 teams will be competing for a top ten finish to compete in the playoffs, but only one team will make it to Worlds 2022 via the playoffs. The remaining teams will get their ticket to Worlds either through the Championship Points, which take into account a team's performance throughout the year, or through the Regional Final.

Among the many strong contenders for the championship, Royal Never Give Up proved to be the strongest team in the LPL last season. They also impressed at MSI 2022, where they defeated all but T1 easily. The grand final also saw a tie between these two teams, which RNG broke in the fifth game to clinch the championship.

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Anyone's Legend, Bilibili Gaming, EDward Gaming, FunPlus Phoenix, Invictus Gaming, JD Gaming, LGD Gaming, LNG Esports, Oh My God, Rare Atom, MSI 2022 champions Royal Never Give Up, Team WE, Top Esports, ThunderTalk Gaming, Ultra Prime, Victory Five and Weibo Gaming are participating in the LPL. There are some news from the teams, more detailed information can be found in our LPL article that will be published this week.


The LPL's challenger and South Korea's pride, LCK, will start on June 15. After the six-team playoffs, Korea will also determine Worlds 2022 participants through Regional Final and championship points.

T1 had the most dominant season in LCK history with a 20-0 record in the spring. However, MSI 2022 did not go so perfectly for them. After a couple of losses to G2, RNG and even EG, T1 pulled themselves together in the knockout stage, beating G2 3-0 and taking it to five games against RNG. They look promising for the summer, but they have to admit that MSI 2022 was a disappointment for them.

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DRX, DWG KIA, Fredit BRION, Gen.G, Hanwha Life Esports, KT Rolster, Kwangdong Freecs, Liiv SANDBOX, Nongshim RedForce and MSI 2022 runners-up T1 are the ten teams vying for a ticket to Worlds 2022. After nine weeks of regular season, the playoffs start on August 17, and we will witness the grand finale on August 28.

Minor regions

Let's start with the two regions that are just behind the major regions, Pacific and Vietnam. We expect the PCS to start in June, but we do not have an exact date yet. There is also no publicly announced start date for the Vietnamese VCS yet.

CBLOL 2022 Split 2 will take place between June 11 and August 7, but there is no information about the playoffs. CIS competition LCL was discontinued in the spring and we are unlikely to hear from them anytime soon. Turkey's TCL will also take place between June 11 and August 7, while Japan's LJL will wait until June 24.

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