The regular season ended at LEC 2022 Spring

European major League of Legends competition LEC is going to playoffs, and last year’s champions MAD Lions are left behind. After a weird super week with a lot of drama, MAD Lions lost the chance of making playoffs as Team Vitality secured one win, Rogue finished first and the playoffs teams are set.

MAD Lions, SK Gaming, Team BDS and Astralis are the teams that are left behind, and although the worst of them is Astralis with 3-15 at the bottom, each one of them put up a fight that deserves respect. Let’s move on to the stories of the teams that secured playoffs, and have a look at the current stats before it actually starts.

Playoffs teams

Have a look at the final placements below:

Placement Team Score Qualification
1 Rogue 14-4 Upper bracket
2 Fnatic 13-5 Upper bracket
3 Misfits Gaming 12-6 Upper bracket
4 G2 Esports 11-7 Upper bracket
5 Excel Esports 9-9 Lower bracket
6 Team Vitality 9-9 Lower bracket
7 MAD Lions 8-10 Out of playoffs
8 SK Gaming 7-11 Out of playoffs
9 Team BDS 4-14 Out of playoffs
10 Astralis 3-15 Out of playoffs


Once again, Rogue started with a perfect performance this year. Going 9-0 in the first half of the season, RGE demolished every single opponent of theirs. SK Gaming, Misfits, Astralis and Fnatic managed to take a win out of them in the second half, but that didn’t change their spot, in the end, Rogue is heading to playoffs as the first place.

However, Fnatic seems to be the number one favourite. Considering past performances of Rogue, Fnatic’s highly skilled roster and performances throughout the season, most people give Fnatic a higher chance of winning it all. Still, that doesn’t mean Fnatic doesn’t have flaws they have to work on. It’s just that people believe Fnatic will solve them thanks to the nature of the best-of-five series.

Misfits Gaming followed Fnatic, with their improving form in the second half of the season. They were able to outperform G2, finding the third place with a difference of one win. Misfits has a strong roster with potential, but still, they are considered lower than Rogue, Fnatic and G2.

Talking about G2 Esports, their newly-built roster definitely succeeded. Although there were times that they struggled, it’s natural for such a new team. BrokenBlade adapted quickly, Targamas has shown he is capable of filling Mikyx’s place, and Flakked is one of the best ADCs in the league. Although they are behind of Rogue and Fnatic, with the help of their experienced members and coach Dylan Falco, they might surprise during the playoffs.

Excel Esports and Team Vitality had a very rough season, but they secured playoffs in the end. Especially VIT offered more for their fans, and a 9-9 finish at the sixth place is definitely not what they were expecting. On the other hand, Excel’s thriving form after Mikyx’s arrival decided the playoffs, MAD Lions would probably make it otherwise.

When is LEC 2022 Spring Playoffs starting?

The playoffs are starting on March 25, 2022. The first matches are already scheduled and you can check them out below, but we will notify you once again when we get closer to the matches.

Friday, 25 March
Rogue vs Misfits Gaming - 18:00 CET

Saturday, 26 March
Fnatic vs G2 Esports - 17:00 CET

Sunday, 27 March
Excel Esports vs Team Vitality - 17:00 CET

Rogue, Misfits, Fnatic and G2 are starting from the upper bracket, thus, they will be able to take a single hit before the finals. However, it’s do or die for Excel and Team Vitality. The playoffs participants will earn championship points that will help them get a better seed at LEC 2022 Summer Playoffs, and the winner will also represent the region at MSI 2022.

Some stats from LEC 2022 Spring Season

The regular season is over, so let’s have a look at the performances. The player with the most KDA is Upset, he has a whopping 16.55 KDA in 18 games, with the closest being Larssen with 6.97. He also has the least deaths per game, 0.61. However, Misfits’ hero Vetheo has the best kill score, he has 5.44 kills per game.

Aside from XL’s Advienne who left LEC early, Astralis’ Zanzarah is the player with the most kill participation with 79.1%. The best CS per minute is Comp, he has 10.04, with Upset following him at 9.68 and Kobbe at 9.64. The player who has played the most champions this season is G2’s prodigy Targamas, he has played 15 different champions with the closest being LIMIT with 12 champions.

Moving on to champion stats, Jinx has the most presence in LEC. She was picked or banned in 80 games, making her presence 88.9%. She is also the most played champion with 61 games, and has a 59% win rate. Amongst champions that were played more than 5 times, Zilean has the most win rate with 83.3%, although he was played 6 times. The most impressive one is Twisted Fate, the champion was banned 62 times and played 15 times, with a win rate of 80%.

Image via Riot Games

Having a look at the viewership stats, thanks to Esports Charts, LEC had a good season once again. The peak of LEC was 527,567 viewers on January 14, the first day of the season. G2 vs Excel Esports game had that peak, and G2 were a part of the 5 games that had the highest peak viewers count. It could be said that peak viewer record of LEC dropped significantly the following weeks, as all five games are from the first week.

LEC had an average of 258,972 viewers, and was watched for 25,832,406 hours this season. If you are interested in it, you can watch the best League of Legends events live and place your bets on Luckbox.