The nine-tailed fox of League of Legends: Ahri

One of the most popular mage picks in the mid lane currently, we are focusing on Ahri today. After the recent buffs affecting her ultimate, this old champion is highly picked in both SoloQ and pro play. She is also one of the keys to getting the wins those professional teams desperately need.

Ahri is one of the first champions in League of Legends, released on December 14, 2011. She relies on mana and magic damage, and she is considered a burst mage, half assassin and half mage. Throughout her time in League, she never went through huge changes or reworks, she only received small tweaks. Her recent buff was one of those small tweaks, but it affected her playstyle heavily.

She is also one of the stars of K/DA, the virtual k-pop group of LoL / Image via Riot Games

Ahri’s skills

Her passive is Essence Theft, whenever she kills a minion or a monster, she stacks Essence Fragments and uses them to heal herself. Additionally, when she gets a takedown, she consumes her enemies’ essence and heals. In the past, it healed her when she used her Q on an enemy with full stacks. Her Q, Orb of Deception, is her main weapon, she sends her orb in a direction to deal magic damage first, and the orb comes back to her, dealing true damage on the way.

Ahri’s W, Fox-Fire, is her mobility tool before her ultimate. When she activates the skill, Ahri gains bonus movement speed and the flames around her deal damage three times. Her E, Charm, a unique skill, is a skill shot that charms the enemy it lands on. The enemy is forced to walk towards Ahri very slowly for 2 seconds at maximum level.

Ahri’s ultimate is Spirit Rush. Ahri dashes in the target direction, and deals damage. While she can do this three times normally, after a recent patch, she is now able to reload ulti stacks when she gets a takedown, storing up to three recasts at a time. Not only her ultimate and passive were changed, but her W’s duration and Q’s damage were also increased significantly.

She was also a popular choice for many mid laners, and these buffs were enough for them to be convinced to try out Ahri, and it succeeded. Finally, Ahri wasn’t a pocket pick that you should think twice before picking, but a meta pick. The players used her mobility to help their laners and jungler around the map in SoloQ, and pro play followed that.

Current stats of Ahri

According to’s stats, Ahri has a very high presence of 22.1% in all leagues around the world this season. During the 314 games she has played, she has a 50.3% win rate. Considering that she wasn’t always picked by good teams, a win rate over 50% seems very good for a champion that got introduced to pro play recently.

Professional Ahri players mostly buy Everfrost, Shadowflame, Sorcerer’s Shoes, Zhonya’s Hourglass and Rabadon’s Deathcap. Additionally, according to League of Graphs, Ahri has a popularity of 15.7%, a win rate of 51.7% and a ban rate of 19.9% in Diamond and higher ranked games. The item choices of pro players and SoloQ players are the same.

Ahri’s highest win rate in a league is Vietnam’s VCS, where she has a 78.6% win rate with a 33% presence. In the pro play, Ahri has an easy challenge against Orianna, while she struggles against Corki. Most recently, Lava played her during Fredit BRION vs Liiv SANDBOX at LCK, having a score of 11-0-8 and handing his team an easy win.

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