The new Smash DLC character is...

The new Smash DLC character is set to be announced at E3, with Nintendo well into the 70s when it comes to playable options in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and not set to stop soon. The stars of games like Tetris, Minecraft and…communism are all in with a shout, so let’s run down who might be the next addition to Smash Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch.

1. Tetris L

The runaway success of Tetris 99 was one of the stories of the first half of the year, and there are rumours Nintendo may consider making a one-player version of that title…to support such a move, they could include the second-best block in Smash as promotional material, as the straight line would obviously be overpowered, and unfair in any fighter.


2. Steve

Not that Steve you’re thinking of, no, this is the one from Minecraft, which is what Lego dreams of being. It might seem fanciful at first, but there have been odder suggestions (which we’ll get to) and Paper Kitty on YouTube has shown just how devastating a moveset you could create with the tools at Steve’s disposal. Door > piston is a combo we want to see.

3. Banjo-Kazooie

The most credible appearance on this list is made by a bird and a bear, and if you’ve been a fan of Nintendo’s series for a while you’ll know this is by no means a new idea. Calls for Banjo and his mate to be included first appeared around the same time as the industrial revolution took place in Britain, and with more than 70 characters already in Ultimate Nintendo might decide to just do it at this point.

4. Mikhail Gorbachev

When it comes to communities, there is no other scene like Smash, and a few months ago one very special member of the Smash family decided to make the case for the inclusion of the former Soviet leader. He’s a fighting game veteran, as you can see, and still makes more sense than the move design on Wolf’s downsmash.

5. Shroud or Pewdiepie

Nobody is really considering it, but the rise of streamers and YouTube stars has changed the way companies market their products, and Nintendo are not immune to such fads. Including either of these two could be a winner, although some of Pewdiepie’s moves might need to be censored, especially on stages featuring a bridge…

There you have it then, five totally serious and plausible new characters we could see in Ultimate before the end of the year. Let us know who you’d want to see, or if we’ve missed anyone obvious off this list, and we’ll see you on Battlefield when the DLC drops.