The most played champions from Worlds 2022 Play-In Stage

Worlds 2022 Play-In Stage is over, and thanks to that, we briefly looked at the possible Worlds 2022 meta. While there is still a chance of a meta shift during the main event, at least some champions have come forward, and we can guess what the players will prioritize in more important games.

Players like Doinb (thanks to his network with other LPL mid laners) hinted that there might be a new meta around supportive mid laners and carry junglers in the main event. We can only look at what the play-in stage showed us now. Let’s take a look at the most picked and best performing champions before Worlds 2022 Group Stage starts.


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Ask any pro you want: Aatrox sits on top of the meta right now, and there isn’t any top lane champion that’s better. The fact that its major counter picks are nerfed to the ground help Aatrox heavily. As Robo from LOUD put it, Aatrox “is a great blind pick, as you cannot answer with a counter pick, only with a skill matchup”. If your top laner is better, give him Aatrox and he gives you the game.

Thus, Aatrox is the most popular champion from Worlds 2022 Play-In Stage. A 95.7% pick-ban rate sounds amazing; present in 45 of the 46 games. Teams generally picked Aatrox first in the blue team, and Aatrox answered by winning 17 of its 24 games. 70.8% win rate is what made Aatrox incredibly valuable so far.


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In terms of presence, Sylas is what followed Aatrox. The level of competition is lower in play-ins, and champions with strong ultimate skills are popular. Thus, Sylas is the perfect pick for many teams: give your mid laner Sylas, and he will survive the laning phase against the strongest teams and even find some kills if they have an advantage.

Sylas was picked or banned in 39 matches which makes up an 83% pick-ban rate. He won 12 of his 18 games, has one of the best kill share stats amongst mid laners and offers flexibility as well, and you can play Sylas top lane if you don’t like how your draft’s going. We know there are stronger mid laners who play Sylas a lot in Worlds 2022 Main Event, so he will definitely stay on top of the meta.

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Kalista dominated the 2022 summer season, and she is also a high priority pick here at Worlds. Although her win rate is below 50%, Kalista is the most banned champion with 30 times at Worlds 2022 Play-In Stage. Considering there aren’t many good picks in the bottom lane, it’s safe to say that she will continue dominating it.

While we knew Kalista as a champion heavily reliant on its user’s ability to play the champion, it seems like any team can perfectly execute a game plan around Kalista right now. There are incredible players in the group stage, Ruler, Viper, JackeyLove, Hope and more, and they will definitely try to get their hands on this unbelievably strong champion.


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Maokai is the number four priority pick, used in the jungle, top lane and support so far. It is the only champion that made it to three roles, so Pick’ems saved for many! Maokai recently got buffed which got him back to professional meta, but I don’t think the majority of players and analysts expected him to dominate it this much.

Instead of being a mediocre pick, Maokai is a great choice for so many teams right now, it was banned 13 times and played 22 times, winning 15 of them. Top lane, jungle or support didn’t matter: Maokai looked strong anywhere it was played, managed to start impossible team fights and seems like he will keep being a pain in the group stage as well.