The least-worst esports Christmas gifts 2018

What does every esports fan want for Christmas? Why, some official merch from their favourite team, of course.

If you know someone who cares about Cloud 9, is fond of Fnatic or goes nuts for NIP, the perfect gift is out there.

But, buyers, beware - some teams have tried a little harder than others this year and, frankly, many of the items may result in an underwhelmed loved one. So, shop smart with our list of gift ideas, ranked worst to, er, least-worst.

12. Team Liquid - four pack of coasters $9.99


This pack of coasters is about the best Liquid fans could have hoped for this Christmas. The merch team could argue that the coasters are perfect for placing those festive beverages on but that would be a stretch. Anyway, they're sold out.

11. - notepad €12


The VP store is another severely lacking in festive cheer. But, who doesn't need a new notepad, eh? Perfect for keeping track of those forthcoming VP CSGO matches ... oh.

10. Astralis - sweatpants $39.99


They might have the finest CSGO team in the world but this is a pretty lame offering from the Danish kings. Still, an elasticated waistband is always welcome at this time of year.

9. MIBR - zip hoodie €50


Another high-profile CS team, more loungewear. Ideal for staying snug while watching Die Hard for the 34th time. Yippee ki-yay.

8. FaZe Clan - gift card $50-$200


When in doubt, get vouchers. FaZe Clan's come in nice festive-looking packaging and denominations of $50, $100, $150 and $200 - almost enough for a new in-game leader.

7. NIP - socks €19.90


It was tremendously disappointing to discover this team does not offer a staple Christmas gift for most families - pyjamas. But what's the next best thing to pyjamas at Christmas...?

6. mousesports - beanie hat €21.59


This looks like a quality beanie hat to keep your ears warm when walking in an winter wonderland. Just remember, you won't be able to hear enemy footsteps as clearly with it on.

5. Evil Geniuses - Bleed Blue Edition scarf $24.99


Get ready for a Blue Christmas with this scarf from EG, which looks just about thick enough to keep fans warm through that long, trophyless, 2019...

4. LA Gladiators - Christmas sweater $65


What to get for an Overwatch fan based in a city famed for its sunshine and soaring temperatures? Why, a woolly jumper, of course. At $65, it might seem expensive but those OWL franchise spots don't come cheap, you know?

3. Fnatic - Christmas sweater $49.99


OK, we are firmly into the business end of the list now, where the teams who have taken this competition seriously start to show their class. And none more so than Fnatic with their Christmas, er, statement, sweater.

2. Cloud9 - Holiday sweater $50


A tremendous effort from Cloud9, stepping into Christmas with an unabashed sweater any fan would surely be proud to wear. The North Americans were unlucky to miss out and deservedly take the honour as having second least-worst Christmas merch for 2018.

1. North - Christmas sweater €40


Hear the roar of excitement when that special someone in your life unwraps this bad boy. Performances in-server don't matter when your team can outclass their rivals so impressively in the festive fashion stakes.

North also get extra credit for their awesome Christmas ad. GGWP.