The League of Legends MMO game may not be released at all

After the latest announcement, Riot Games' upcoming League of Legends MMO title is becoming a mystery. Greg Street, the title's lead developer, mentioned on his Twitter account that there is no guarantee that we will actually see the implementation of the company's role-playing game.

He said the team is doing its best to develop it nonetheless. "There's no guarantee this game will ship" he said. "We are optimistic, but you never know until it does."

However, the project has not been put on hold. According to Street, things are going "super well" despite his worrying statement. He says, "I am just being honest that Riot's game standards are high, and so are the expectations of players. We won't ship a disappointing game."

Origins of the story

Riot has been working hard since late 2019 to bring League and its popular, sprawling Runeterra universe to the MMO world. Marc Merrill, co-founder of Riot Games, first teased the project three years ago and rumours confirmed in 2020. Then there was almost complete silence until Street's tweet.

"Games like this are a commitment," Street explained shortly afterwards. "The hard part starts after it ships. So I am imagining a long journey ahead."

Image: Riot Games

Earlier this month, the MMO title's game director Mark Yetter, who was previously responsible for all changes to League of Legends' champions, apologised to eager fans for the lack of updates provided by the development team. "It's a long road for the MMO project," he said. "We're trying to do it right so we build something worthy of expectations. Sorry you aren't getting a ton of updates from us quite yet, but we're hard at work making strides every day. This team has a lotta heart, grateful as hell for them."

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