The LCK is reportedly set to implement a salary cap

The LCK has reportedly reached an agreement with all 10 teams to implement a salary cap for their players.

LCK to introduce a salary cap for all players

That's according to Inven, who reports that "multiple esports officials" have confirmed that the LCK has agreed to introduce a salary cap following continuous discussions with Korean teams.

This isn't the first time that an LCK salary cap has been considered. Last year, Upcomer reported that several LCK teams were in favour of a salary cap - with superstar team T1 being the "strongest opposing voice."

At the time, the measure was rejected due to fears of a player exodus and a decline in the quality of competition in the Korean league. However, according to Inven, this sentiment has changed over time - as fans and professionals alike have come to believe that a plan is needed to suppress "excessive salary inflation."

Concerns about the financial future of the LCK have been circulating for some time. Back in January, Gen.G CEO Arnold Hur hosted a Reddit AMA in which expressed his concerns about the league's financial situation. Hur drew particular attention to the cost of players, which he said was far outstripping sponsorship money.

"In terms of the LCK - the average player cost has gotten higher than even the LPL/LCS this year, especially for the top tier players," said Hur. "Every year, we have been either #1 or #2 in sponsorships and even that is not close enough to cover player costs.

"If the publisher, the LCK, teams, players don’t take the risks now to fix the model, I fear the worst."

T1 is operating in the red, despite previously opposing a salary cap

Despite their previous opposition to a salary cap, T1 is no stranger to this issue. According to the April SK Telecom CST1's consolidated audit report, T1 saw an operating loss of 16.6 billion won in 2022.

According to Inven's sources, “If the salary cap is introduced, there is a possibility that an annual salary disclosure will follow" - meaning we could soon be getting a new insight into just how well the League of Legends esports professionals are paid.

The LCK refused to comment on the report, simply stating to Inven that: "We are constantly discussing various plans with the teams for the sustainable growth of the LCK, but there is nothing we can confirm at this point."

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