The International day four fantasy guide: Riley's recommendations

The final day of The International group stage is upon us and it's time for Dota 2 fans day four fantasy selections.

Dota 2 fan and Luckbox community member Riley has made his recommendations for The International fantasy challenge, picking out his best players for each day and here's his day-four choices.

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The last day of groups is trickier since this is the day where tiebreakers are done - picking teams that have to undergo tiebreakers are the best idea.

However, with tiebreakers aside, the teams that plays the most this day are VP, RNG, VG, Fnatic, Infamous, and EG. For carries, top picks would be RAMZES666, Monet, Paparazi, and Arteezy. For mid; No[o]ne, Ori, Abed, SumaiL. For support; RodjER, DJ, Solo, Fade, Dy, and Cr1t-.

Fnatic look like a very troubled team at the moment, but I’m taking chances with some of their players because, hey, last time a troubled team ended up playing with their coach, they won a TI. Not that they’re short on the talent department, either. But in case I’m wrong, then just skip them.

Favored lineup: RAMZES666, Monet, Abed, Cr1t-, Solo.
Thoughts: RNG is like a secret version of OG or TNC in terms of game length, but you can always opt for a safer choice.

Potential teams that are gonna play tiebreakers for tomorrow are:

Group A: Mineski, Alliance, TNC, Liquid
Group B: EG, Fnatic, Infamous, RNG, VP, NiP

Some of these teams will be playing more than 2 games tomorrow, so picking players from those teams for your fantasy roster tomorrow could prove to yield the best results. Good luck!

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Pictures: Copyright: Adela Sznajder / ESL