The International 2022's SA and EEU qualifiers have ended

As you know, the 12 teams qualified directly for The International 11 were determined by the end of the Dota Pro Circuit season. The remaining 8 teams will be determined by the qualifiers. The South America and Eastern Europe qualifiers have ended. Thus, two more teams that will take part in The International 2022 have been finalized.

Today we'll take a look at what happened in the South America and Eastern Europe qualifiers and the current teams that will be participating in The International 11.

Hokori surprises in South America qualifier’s grand final

In the South America qualifier, I was honestly expecting Infamous to take first place, but another possibility was Hokori. Hokori started the tournament with a 2-1 victory over Wolf Team. They were then relegated to the lower bracket quarterfinals, losing 0-2 to Tempest in the upper bracket semifinals.

The roster quality of the first two opponents they faced after falling into the lower bracket was inferior to them. They easily eliminated No Runes and Mad Kings by 2-0. In the lower bracket final, they faced Tempest again, but this time they were the victor.

In the grand finals Hokori faced Infamous, the favourites to win the SA qualifiers, but the former defeated the latter by winning all three exciting games and enchanted their fans. The teams that qualified for the Last Chance Qualifier were Tempest and Infamous.

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Credit: Hokori

A sad end may await Outsiders

BetBoom Team started the tournament by beating One Move, then they took the lead against NAVI as well but lost with a comeback. They faced an unexpected challenge against Nemiga Gaming in the lower bracket but they still won 2-1. They also beat One Move and NAVI 2-0 later on in the lower bracket to reach the grand final. Contrary to expectations, they defeated Outsiders without any difficulty in the grand final.

While Outsiders thought they would qualify for The International 11 at the end of the DPC season as 12th, Fnatic qualified with a narrow margin. Outsiders even tweeted that they were going to The International 11. Although they advanced to the grand final in the Eastern Europe qualifier, they could not be successful. They were almost non-existent against BetBoom Team. Outsiders will still have one last chance, though, because they've qualified for the Last Chance Qualifier. The other Eastern Europe team that will take part in the Last Chance Qualifier is NAVI.

14 of the teams that will take part in The International 11 are now determined

Excitement builds as the qualifiers for The International 11 progress. It is not long before all of the 20 participating teams are announced. If you're wondering who the remaining teams will be, stay tuned to Luckbox to be informed.