The International 2022 schedule and betting odds

The end of Dota 2’s 2022 season is coming with The International starting this weekend. A champion will be crowned and will be considered at the top of Dota 2 after this two-week-long event. It is one of the most important tournaments in esports, attracting interest from a wide range of audiences.

Kicking off in Singapore, Dota 2’s The International will start on October 15, and the grand final will be played on October 30. The prize pool will probably end up around $16,000,000, the lowest in years. It will start with a single round-robin group stage and the best teams will move on to a double-elimination playoffs bracket.

The International 2022 is starting

Teams are divided into two groups at The International 2022. Two groups of ten teams will decide who is good enough to participate in the playoffs and who is not. Teams will generally play two or three matches in one day during the group stage, or even one on the final day. It will be an extra challenge for sure.

12 teams are invited to the group stage thanks to their success throughout the year. They have accumulated enough Dota Pro Circuit points to participate in The International directly.

Dota Pro Circuit #1 PSG.LGD, #2 OG, #7 BOOM Esports, #10 Gaimin Gladiators, and #11 Evil Geniuses will start in Group A. North American Qualifier winner Soniqs, South American Qualifier winner Hokori, Eastern European Qualifier winner BetBoom Team, Chinese Qualifier winner RNG and Last Chance Qualifier runner-up Team Liquid will join them.

Dota Pro Circuit #3 Team Spirit, #4 beastcoast, #5 Team Aster, #6 Thunder Awaken, #8 TSM, #9 Tundra Esports and #12 Fnatic will compete in Group B. Western European Qualifier winner Entity, Southeast Asian Qualifier winner Talon Esports and Last Chance Qualifier winner Team Secret will join them in the group.

As you can see, Group A has PSG.LGD and OG in the same group. It has fewer teams from DPC, giving a better chance to teams like RNG or BetBoom to get out of the group. However, Group B includes 7 teams from DPC, and the remaining three teams might have to work even harder to get a better place. LCQ winners Secret and Liquid include former world champions. They will stir the competition up.

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The International 11 first day schedule

TI11 will start with the following matches:

October 15, 04:00 CEST
PSG.LGD (1.17) vs Hokori (12.00)
OG (2.05) vs BOOM Esports (5.00)
Evil Geniuses (2.50) vs Soniqs (4.00)
Gaimin Gladiators (2.60) vs BetBoom Team (3.80)
Team Liquid (3.20) vs RNG (3.10)

PSG.LGD, OG and Evil Geniuses stand out as the favourites in their games. However, the rest of the games should give us better competition and a high chance of a tie in the end.

October 15, 06:00 CEST
Team Secret (1.88) vs Thunder Awaken (6.00)
beastcoast (6.00) vs Entity (1.85)
TSM (2.50) vs Talon Esports (4.00)
Team Aster (2.90) vs Tundra Esports (3.50)
Fnatic (6.60) vs Team Spirit (1.72)

We are looking at more one-sided matches this time. Team Secret, Entity, TSM and Team Spirit are strong favourites. There is still a good chance of draw, but such teams should be able to secure the victory. Team Aster vs Tundra Esports will be a close one, and a draw is most likely there.

October 15, 08:00 CEST
BOOM Esports (1.55) vs Hokori (7.50)
RNG (2.15) vs BetBoom Team (4.80)
PSG.LGD (1.52) vs Evil Geniuses (8.00)
OG (2.05) vs Gaimin Gladiators (5.00)
Team Liquid (2.10) vs Soniqs (4.80)

BOOM Esports, RNG, PSG.LGD, OG and Team Liquid are all clear favourites at 08:00 CEST. While there is a chance of draw for BetBoom and Soniqs, I must say that it’s a very low chance.

October 15, 10:00 CEST
Fnatic (3.20) vs Thunder Awaken (3.10)
Team Aster (1.72) vs Talon Esports (6.60)
Team Secret (1.98) vs beastcoast (5.50)
TSM (3.80) vs Tundra Esports (2.60)
Team Spirit (3.00) vs Entity (3.30)

We will watch some good matchups at 10:00 CEST. Although Aster and Secret will be favourites on their games, FNC vs TA, TSM vs Tundra and Spirit vs Entity should be incredible ones. As the betting odds suggest, Fnatic, Tundra and Spirit will enter as favourites, but a draw is very likely in these best-of-two series.

October 15, 12:00 CEST
PSG.LGD (1.45) vs Soniqs (9.00)
Team Liquid (2.30) vs BetBoom Team (4.40)
Evil Geniuses (5.00) vs OG (2.05)
RNG (2.70) vs BOOM Esports (3.80)
Hokori (7.00) vs Gaimin Gladiators (1.60)

Finally, the day will end with these matches. However, aside from RNG vs BOOM which isn’t really close, we have four one-sided matches. It should still be very interesting, with a chance of draw for BetBoom, but we will see if they can manage it.