The International 11's prize pool has reached $13.6M

The long awaited Dota 2 tournament The International 11 kicks off this weekend. Last Chance Qualifiers are just ended, and the prize pool of the tournament is steadily increasing.

Although Battle Pass sales for Valve have not been going well compared to previous years, today we will look at the prize pool that continues to increase exponentially with you.

The current prize pool of The International 11

As it has been for years, the base prize pool was determined as $1,600,000 in The International 11 (2022). 25% of the revenue from The International 2022 Battle Pass purchases is added on top of that. The prize pool is now up to 7.5x, but that doesn't look that high, especially compared to past years.

Revenues from sales will continue to be added to the prize pool until The International 11 ends. We are not sure how high it will rise, but if Valve does not take vital steps, The International 2022 Battle Pass, which is similar and insufficient in content compared to the recent years, will not sell as much as it did in the previous ones, and the prize pool of The International 11 will probably be lower than in the previous years. Currently, The International 2022's prize pool is $13,604,859.

As the prize pool increases, Dota 2's top teams will compete for the biggest pie in the prize pool. Which is your favourite team on this road? You can watch the matches of your favourite team on Luckbox and place bets on them. Sign up now and get a 100% deposit bonus.

Credit: Valve

Prize pool comparison with previous years

The comparison we will make now is based on the 40th day of all other The Internationals, as it is currently 40 days since The International 2022 Battle Pass has been released.

The prize pool of The International 11 is currently $13,604,859. Which looks just above The International 2015. Battle Pass sales, which have been on the rise every year since 2015, seem to have returned to almost seven years ago this year.

Below you can see the prize pools in different The Internationals as of 40 days:

  • The International 2021 - $27,048,638
  • The International 2019 - $18,691,610
  • The International 2018 - $14,480,880
  • The International 2017 - $14,816,031
  • The International 2016 - $13,654,508
  • The International 2022 - $13,604,859
  • The International 2015 - $13,099,199

When we look at the chart below, we see that Battle Pass sales have stagnated in 2022, and had been on the rise in the same period of 2015. So if it continues like this, The International 2022 will fall behind The International 2015. It seems inevitable that Valve will add new content to the Battle Pass and diversify it.


The International 11 kicks off on October 15. The International tournaments have always been one of the most prestigious and award-winning tournaments. Undoubtedly, they will be so this year, but it seems like something needs to be fixed in the future. Don't forget to follow this great competition on the way to Aegis of the Immortal on Luckbox.