The International 11's NA and China qualifiers have ended

The International 11 qualifiers are coming to an end one after the other. The spectacular competition on the road to the Aegis is getting closer with each passing day. The North America and China qualifiers have also ended, Soniqs and Royal Never Give Up will be featured in The International 11.

Today we will take a look at what happened in the North America and China qualifier, current participants of The International 11.

Winner of the North America qualifier was Soniqs as we predicted

In the article we wrote for the North America and China qualifiers, we guessed not only the first but also the second and third places correctly, bull’s eye! Soniqs advanced to the upper bracket final after 2-0 wins over felt and 5RATFORCESTAFF in the qualifier. Nouns was the victor in the Upper bracket final and Soniqs relegated to the lower bracket final.

Soniqs did not give up and defeated Wildcard Gaming 2-0 to face nouns again. This time the match was Bo5 and Soniqs won the first three games and finished the series early, showing everyone that they won't give up on the road to the Aegis so easily.

Nouns who lost in the grand final and the third placed team Wildcard Gaming will get one last chance at the Last Chance Qualifier.

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Royal Never Give Up wins the China qualifier

In the China qualifier, Royal Never Give Up had almost no difficulty against strong opponents. With their wins against Ybb Gaming and Aster.Aries, they advanced to the upper bracket final. Xtreme Gaming started the upper bracket final with a lead. Royal Never Give Up, on the other hand, did not give up and defeated their opponent with a comeback.

Thereafter, Xtreme Gaming defeated their opponent in the lower bracket final and faced Royal Never Give Up again in the grand final. This time, however, they faced an even stronger Royal Never Give Up. Royal Never Give Up won the match 3-0 and got their ticket to The International 11.

Second placed Xtreme Gaming and third placed Vici Gaming will try to qualify for The International 11 from the Last Chance Qualifier.

Last 4 slots left for The International 11

With the end of the North America and China qualifiers, now only four more teams can qualify for The International 11. Two of these teams will come from the Western Europe and Southeast Asia Qualifiers. The other two will be determined by the Last Chance Qualifiers, which will be played after the regional qualifiers are over.

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