The International 11 WEU and SEA qualifiers begin

The North America qualifier is still ongoing. Tomorrow, Western Europe and Southeast Asia qualifiers will begin. The International 11's China qualifier ended today and the winner was Royal Never Give Up.

Today we will take a look at the Western Europe and Southeast Asia qualifiers, which will start tomorrow.

The International 11 Western Europe Qualifier

The Western Europe qualifier will start on September 13. One of the 12 participating teams will directly participate in The International 2022. The teams that finished second and third in the qualifier will participate in the Last Chance Qualifier.

Frankly, if you ask me, I would say Team Secret is the favourite of the Western Europe qualifier. My second place pick is Entity and my third place pick is Nigma Galaxy. Let me add that these three teams are very close to each other in terms of power and also Team Liquid can definitely be involved in this competition. It seems unlikely that other teams will be in the top four. You can see all the teams that will take place in the qualifier below.

  • Team Liquid
  • Entity
  • Team Secret
  • Nigma Galaxy
  • goonsquad
  • Into The Breach
  • Alliance
  • DGG Esports
  • IVY
  • Team Bald Reborn
  • Water Rune Enjoyers
  • Brame

The International 11 Western Europe Qualifier opening matches

Honestly, it's pretty easy to predict the winners of upper bracket quarterfinals matches. Team Liquid, Nigma Galaxy, Team Secret and Entity will most likely be the winners. Perhaps goonsquad may perform surprisingly well against Nigma Galaxy; however, I don't have high hopes for them. The losers will face IVY, Brame, Water Rune Enjoyers and Team Bald Reborn in lower bracket round 1, respectively.

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Credit: Valve

The International 11 Southeast Asia Qualifier

Southeast Asia, just like Western Europe, will start on September 13 and run until September 17. Unlike Western Europe, there are 13 teams in Southeast Asia. One team will directly win The International 11 ticket, while the second and third teams will qualify for the Last Chance Qualifier.

The team I predict will be the winner in Southeast Asia is T1. In my opinion, Polaris Esports will take second place and Talon Esports will take third place. The competition in Southeast Asia is very high. Nigma Galaxy SEA, Execration and TNC Predator could also be strong candidates for the top three. You can see the list of all the teams below.

  • Talon Esports
  • T1
  • RSG
  • Polaris Esports
  • Nigma Galaxy SEA
  • Neon Esports
  • Execration
  • Lilgun
  • Army Geniuses
  • Summit Gaming
  • Atlantis
  • TNC Predator

The International 11 Southeast Asia Qualifier opening matches

Talon Esports is the team most sure to win in the opening matches. Also, RSG will most likely eliminate Neon Esports. The match between Polaris Esports and Nigma Galaxy SEA will be quite exciting. Our favourite is Polaris Esports. Finally, we expect T1 to beat Execration after a competitive match.

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