The International 11 Playoffs: Schedule and betting odds

With the group stage of The International 11 coming to an end, all eyes focused on the playoff stage. Soniqs, BetBoom Team, Talon Esports and TSM bid farewell to the tournament, while the remaining 16 teams will face fierce competition in the playoff stage.

Let's take a brief look at the results of The International 11’s group stage, and then the playoffs.

Tundra Esports finishes group stage undefeated

One of the most interesting results of the group stage was Tundra Esports' undefeated completion of the group full of strong rivals.

In Group A, neither PSG.LGD nor OG could be the winner. Evil Geniuses gave a great performance and finished the group as leader. We can say that Hokori also performed above expectations.

Thunder Awaken's performance in Group B also attracted attention. They managed to finish the group in third place with their draws against many strong rivals.

Entity, on the other hand, could not maintain its rising performance in The International 11. They made it to the playoff stage from the lower bracket, albeit with difficulty.

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Credit: Valve

The International 11 playoff matches

The International 11's playoff stage will begin on October 20.

Upper bracket Round 1

Thunder Awaken has performed well above expectations so far. Evil Geniuses also took the first place in Group A with a performance above expectations among strong competitors. An interesting encounter awaits us.

Two quite strong teams will face each other. The favourite is PSG.LGD by a small margin.

If you had asked who will win this match before the group stage, I would have said OG, but when we look at their performance in the group stage, OG performed below expectations and Tundra Esports performed above expectations. My favourite in this match is Tundra Esports.

Team Liquid and Team Aster are both the leading teams of the tournament. Normally I would have expected Team Aster to win, but Team Liquid have performed very well so far in The International 11 and I think they will win this match as well.

Lower bracket Round 1

Both teams continue on their way by drawing draws in many of their matches. Hokori finished fifth in Group A. Beastcoast finished seventh in Group B. I think the South American team beastcoast will win this match.

The recent The International champion Team Spirit doesn't seem to be doing too well so far. Still, I think they will win against BOOM Esports and move on.

This is the match I expect to be the most competitive among the playoff matches. Both teams have a quite close roster quality.

Both Royal Never Give Up and Entity performed below expectations. My favourite in this match is Entity.

In The International 11, there is no turning back for some teams anymore. You can enjoy this competition in Luckbox while all teams try to do their best.